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Friday, September 12, 2008


- I'm probably not one to talk, because I know I've been posting stuff with a lot of typos and sloppy mistakes of late. Call it blogging fatigue....or just call me an idiot if you'd like, I've been called worse around here of late. But in any event, I'm not the former editor of a major industry publication, I don't claim, nor aspire to be a mouthpiece for this industry, and I don't solicit contributions on this site. Just a passionate racing fan (and a proud Liberal who finds it difficult keeping his opinionated outrage over the present election campaign to himself) writing a blog.

So I don't think it's inappropriate to mention that I noticed that the Paulick Report had a link up today that read: "Next for NYRA, state takeover." That of course is not true. The state will be receiving the deeds for the land, and will keep a closer eye on the association, but heaven help us all if Albany was actually taking the tracks over. The link text has now been changed to a more accurate: "NYRA set to emerge from bankruptcy, turns land deeds over to state."

However, just under that still is a link which reads: "Saturday night at Yonkers Raceway marks end of season." That is also plainly false; the link is to a short piece in the NY Daily News regarding the fact that Saturday is the final night of NY Sire Stakes races. In fact, the Yonkers season never ends, and it has big races coming up this fall, including the Messenger, in which Art Official and Somebeachsomewhere just might meet. Just thought I'd point that out. If Ray needs to drudge up trivialities like a fluff piece on Yonkers to fill up the front page, it should at least be accurate.

I'll be liveblogging NYRA's out-of-bankruptcy teleconference here starting at 2.


Anonymous said...

All of this franchise talk gives me an excuse to post this update on franchise bidder Richard Fields. He is flipping high end condos for big bucks/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up Allen. This wasn't our first error and won't be our last. Most people are kind enough to point them out in an email so we can correct them. But to each his own...

Anonymous said...


Paulick is no doubt Paulick's biggest fan. I firmly believe anyone using their own name as the title of a website (Paulick Report) or hotel-golf course-casino-office tower (Trump), or perhaps a speed figure (Beyer), is clearly infatuated with their own sense of self worth.

I solemnly swear that if and when I invent something, say a new figure to measure thoroughbred horse performance, it will not use my surname.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should not point out Ray mispelled Alan's name.

Anonymous said...


as long as we are being petty, I am happy to point out that you misspelled "mispelled." I hope you were just exhibiting a good sense of humor there......or perhaps we all are human.

My apologies, ALAN.

What is more embarrassing than to misspell the name of the problem? Just remember that it is mis + spell and that will spell you the worry about spelling "spell."