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Saturday, September 20, 2008

MassCap Day

- It's just a perfect weather day here at Suffolk, and a large and lively crowd on hand. To say that the Head Chef and I have been greeted warmly here is to put it quite mildly. We're having an amazing time. Here's some photos.

Here's Chelsea's Havoc before he won the 4th race. Anyone who knows me might wonder why I didn't have this one as a hunch bet..

Here's Nick Zito before he saddled first time starter Palmer's Approach in the second. I'd written before that the horse might be an underlay....after he won by around 8, he seemed like an overlay!

TVG is here, and they're set up in the paddock. Bob Baedeker, Mike Joyce, and Jill Byrne (on the right) are on hand, and that's nice to see. I actually had a chance to chat with them at the cocktail party last night. This is why I can't be like a real reporter; I meet people, and they're so nice that I'll never say anything bad about TVG again.

4:08 - Hold On Smokey did hold on in the 7th; singled him, so I'm alive in the Pick Four. I lost the Pick Three leading into this race when Zito's Bobby Sands lost at 1-5! When you can't hit a 1-5 shot, it's time to really wonder if this is the right hobby. Zito has the big favorite in this 8th race with Thunders Dove, who I didn't use at all. I can see just where this is headed...


Anonymous said...

Wonder if he'll consider Prospectors Legacy in the last?

Anonymous said...

say hello to Nick Zito for me Alan and while your at it give him a piece of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Where did you end up eating dinner Alan?