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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Notes

- This weather guy on CNN is really good, and their coverage is pretty amazing overall. He's really worried and is doing his best to convey the seriousness of the storm, said to be as big as Texas! Human beings can be a real funny lot, at least some of them. Tell them lies and they take them as gospel. Tell them that they face certain death and they ignore it. According to the AP, some 11,000 people have elected to stay on Galveston Island, the subject of those most dire warnings. Here's a woman riding it out in a two-story house saying: “It ain’t going to be nothing, but wind and rain,....Everybody’s all excited about nothing.” [NYT] Here's hoping we don't see her name in the obituaries next week. (Now saying that 90% of the residents have now left.)

The guy reporting on CNN from Galveston seems to be kinda enjoying the experience. The CNN crew is staying in a 14 story hotel facing the waterfront. They don't seem to be worried.

- Mentioned on the teleconference post that NYRA is now a "not for profit type C corporation." I said I'd look that up.

Type C - A not-for-profit corporation of this type may be formed for any lawful business purpose to achieve a lawful public or quasi-public objective.
If a corporation has among its purposes any purpose which is within type C, such corporation is a type C corporation. []
I found this definition of a quasi-public company:
Privately operated corporation with some sort of government backing, and specifically mandated responsibilities that are stated in the corporation's legal charter.
So, clearly NYRA would fall into these categories.

Impressionism won the feature on Friday for Shug under an extremely confident ride by Johnny V. Looked for a moment that he'd been too cavalier (and too wide); but he came back to nose out 12-1 Roll the Di, who'd benefited from a ground saving trip. This four-year old daughter of Broad Brush seems like your typical Shug horse that toils for some time running competitively in the allowance ranks, but slowly improves as its four-year old year goes on. She'd run a career high Beyer of 89 in her previous race. Hard to judge this one - run three seconds slower than 35K claimers earlier in the card, since it rained and the course was downgraded from good to yielding. But I wouldn't be surprised to see this filly continue moving forward and even ending up in stakes races. She's out of a stakes winning Strawberry Road mare who's a half-sister to the dams of First Samurai and Audacious Chloe.

I've picked a few horses over the last couple of days, and they were all dead on the board. I usually end up on the hot horses so that's kinda unusual. One of them, Joaquin Memphis, ran second at 12-1, and American Cruise won and paid $12.20, which I thought was rather generous considering how hot Anthony Dutrow is.

Second winner in two days for trainer Bill Badgett, and his third with seven runners at the young meeting, with Api Mohkat ($20.80) in the first. I imagine that the connections of The Truffle Man, 5th at 20-1, were surprised to lose their runner to trainer David Jacobson, who claimed the horse for himself for 60K.