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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Notes - Sept 23

- Thanks to all the commenters to the last post. Here's the link to the item at the Times Union in which a reader noted that James Odato strikes a different tone than Fred Dicker regarding how imminent, or not, is the selection of an operator for the mythical Big A racino. No surprise of course that a buddy of Governor Paterson's has conveniently joined Delaware North's lobbying firm Patricia Lynch and Associates. Ms. Lynch herself is a former staffer for Sheldon Silver, so they now have two of the three men in the room in which this thing will unquestionably and irrevocably be decided covered. Not sure exactly what Don Peebles, indeed an Obama bundler (thanks to reader jk and another for that tip) brings to the table here.

I don't know if the announcement by Mohegan Sun that it's delaying expansion of its casino in eastern Connecticut for about one year due to worsening economic conditions necessarily has implications for its readiness to proceed in New York if selected. However, the company did say that the move "will help to strengthen its balance sheet." So I imagine they're reviewing any pending projects. jk, who on second thought will not be taking over this blog, mentioned Bank of America, and it's true, according to the article linked to above, that it is involved in the now-delayed expansion. But another reader assertively tells us that Connecticut hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management is funding the Aqueduct proposal, and that the money has been confirmed. Plainfield seems to be still active in the funding ring, but that was of course before the current Armageddon, and I don't think anything is for certain at this time.

- Seems like quite the wide-ranging interview that Jess Jackson conducted today. He said that Curlin is indeed possible for the Classic....and the Clark....and the Japan Cup; invited Big Brown to join him in any of those, said he's checked out the new surface at Santa Anita and that "it might be a "great surface," and that he might send Curlin there just to check it out. He again rejected a match race, said that he'd bring Curlin back at five if Big Brown came back at four, proposed a racing league for older horses; but speculated that IEAH is "more concerned about the money." (I'm so sure that Curlin would be racing this year if not for the ownership issues that complicate his sale for stud duty.) But I haven't seen where he addressed the question of whether Curlin would run here on Saturday if it rained, which it is predicted to do. Newsday got a response from Iavarone:

"He wants us to join him but he's not telling us where he's going? The simplest thing would be for him to run Curlin against Big Brown in the Classic."
Sounds pretty simple to me.


Anonymous said...

Nice recap Alan on the VLT debacle. S.L. Green has the cash available on its balance sheet and Cap Play/Mohegan the funding from Plainfield Asset to proceed, so if there is a financing problem it might indeed be with former Governor Spitzer's favorite DelNorth. Governor Paterson may be the wiser and he could be resisting pressures from old Spitzer advisors, the NYRA and holdover Paul Francis to choose DelNorth. Based on past relationships with Silver, Patrica Lynch's presence respresnting DelNorth, Don Peebles, Vornado Realty and Related Companies is surely eye opening, particularly now that she has both Darren Dopp and David Brand on her staff. I remember the senate majority saying after Bruno resigned, that they had no interest in dealing with Patirica Lynch after she hired Dopp who they suggested was trying to destroy Bruno. The idealist in me hopes that the detrmination is based on the merits and what's in the best interest of New York taxpayers. Although, its really hard to shake all the lobbyist "stuff" and favors and chits being exchanged. This is important to racing's future, so I for one am glad you keep it going as an open issue on your blog.

Anonymous said...

As an fyi Michael Iavarone will be the guest for the Q&A of BloodHorse's 'Talkn' Horses' for this Thursday (9/25) .. they are still taking questions so perhaps someone will get an answer from him on a Clark race, if BB doesn't win the BCC.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post the current record at my site, what with Oak Tree gearing up and all. I know this isn't really the place for it, but Alan's had my banner ad up for a while now, therefore i don't believe it's too un-called for. I promise i won't make a habit out of it.

Incidentally, with Santa Anita back in action, i'll return to posting a free pick here roughly once-per-week (on no set schedule). I hope everyone has enjoyed the previous stuff, as we've had a good bit of success on here. Let's hope it continues...

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