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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hollywood Ending?

- Churchill Downs will announce their earnings after the market closes today, and follow up with a conference call tomorrow. Matt Hagerty in the Form writes today of speculation that the company will soon announce the sale of Hollywood Park to real estate developers, and it would be interesting to see if they have anything to say about that on the call tomorrow. Hagerty reports that CA racing officials are already thinking about alternatives.

Several racing officials said that if Churchill were to sell Hollywood, the company might seek to run a race meet under Hollywood's dates at either Santa Anita Park or Los Alamitos Park. Hollywood will run two meets this year, from April 22 to July 17 and from Nov. 9 to Dec. 9. [DRF]
I was at Hollywood once; I was on a business trip, and timed it so that I could stop there from the airport en route to my hotel. So I walk in with my luggage piece in hand, figuring I’d check it somewhere. But when I asked people where the coat check was, they looked at me as if I had asked for a Philly cheesesteak. Are there NO coat checks in Los Angeles? There’s never any need for people to wear any outer clothing, ever??

Finally I found a security guard guy and explained my problem. He asked me where I’m from, and when I told him NY, he goes “follow me.” As he takes me down to the private offices to find a place for me to put my bag, he explained that he’d been in NY recently and went to Aqueduct, and that the people there treated him so kindly that he was just thrilled to be able to reciprocate and help me out. I was a bit puzzled, thinking perhaps he was confused and had been at, like the Aqueduct Asian massage parlor or something instead! But no, he was at the Big A and it was nice to hear that the people there had been so kind.

- Speaking of LA, the weather forecast calls for rain Saturday, which would put a damper on the San Felipe, and possibly send Roman Ruler out here for the Gotham, if Baffert trusts the forecasters.

- Julio Canani responds to those who say that Sweet Catomine’s races have been too slow this year.
He told scribes after Sunday’s Santa Anita Oaks, “I didn’t even train her for this because I didn’t want her to peak,” he claimed. “She’ll be 8-5 in the Santa Anita Derby.” [MSNBC]
She may very well be, unless someone impresses mightily in the San Felipe.

- Here’s a scary one.
Officials from the Jockeys’ Guild and the Teamsters Union will meet on Wednesday in San Diego to discuss how they can work together for the betterment of their representatives within the horse racing industry.
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and International Vice President Chuck Mack will represent the Teamsters in the meeting while Guild chairman David Shepherd and Guild President L. Wayne Gertmenian will represent their organization…[Thoroughbred Times]
I’m afraid to make any comment about this at all.