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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Slots to be Snowballed?

- Michael Olesker of the Baltimore Sun writes today of Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich’s reaction to the House’s passage of slots legislation:

He practically did cartwheels for the TV cameras last week, and went outside in the cold and threw snowballs like a schoolboy. Somebody explain to this poor guy that it's only halftime, and he's up by a single point. [Baltimore Sun via Newsday]
An unidentified aide said that Ehrlich is preparing for a possible celebration of final passage of a bill, which will include skinny dipping in Chesapeake Bay and sticking his tongue out at Speaker Michael Busch and going ‘nah nah nah nah nah.’ Actually, perhaps he’ll try to fire him, as it is alleged he’s done with others who don’t share his political views.
The state has been sued at least six times since Ehrlich took office by workers who alleged they were fired for their political affiliation. That is against the law. One case cost the state $100,000 in an out-of-court settlement. Democrats, pushing for an investigation of hiring and firing practices, now say hundreds have lost their jobs without cause.

"I've seen so many people thrown out of their jobs like an old bag of wheat, it makes me sick to my stomach," Busch said. "Good, decent human beings who get two hours to clear out their desks. And that's comical to the Ehrlich people."[Baltimore Sun]

- In Florida, opponents are attempting a rally through the stretch to persuade voters in two counties with 7 parimutuel venues to reject slots next Tuesday, and Governor Jeb Bush is in the saddle whipping and flailing, including making televised appeals and tapping his network for money. [Sun-Sentinal]. However, the governor dispelled speculation that he would veto legislation if the referendum passes.
"We have a duty to implement this if it passes," Bush said. "Then there's a range, if you looked at it from the most liberal interpretation that would give the casino operators the maximum amount of leeway, and then there's the other side, which would be the proper safeguards and additional regulation ... So my pledge is that if it does pass, we will work with the Legislature to be in that range." [Sun-Sentinal]
Other opponents however are pledging to sponsor a statewide vote in November to repeal the results should the referendum pass.

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