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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Left on a Break - March 29 - April 3

I started writing Left at the Gate on January 22, and I believe that I've posted at least once each day since then, usually more. I feel like I've written more words than the 9/11 Commission did. I'm off to Florida for a brief vacation, though I'll be nowhere near the tents of Gulfstream Park, and I'll be with the Head Chef and some friends, none of whom will agree to attend simulcasting at the nearby dog track. Whereas some trainers apparently think five weeks before the Derby is a good time to run, I think it's a good time to rest, so I'm leaving the laptop at home in order to take a much-needed break and refresh and re-charge for these final few weeks leading up to the Triple Crown series. I'm extremely gratified by the traffic on the site and truly touched by the kind comments I've received, and I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have. Thanks so much for reading, and please don't forget to come back when I do on April 3.

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