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Friday, March 25, 2005

Odds and Ends - March 25

- Those you who were hoping that Greater Good would extend the legacy of the Intidab sire line will be disappointed to learn that he is unable to breed because he’s a bilateral cryptorchid. In layman’s terms, he has two undescended testicles. So in addition to being what many would consider a freak because of the way he’s defied his pedigree with his running style, he’s a freak of nature as well.

"In my career, and I've been in Ocala (Florida) 20 years, I've only seen 15-20, and that covers all breeds of horses," surgeon John Peloso said. [Bloodhorse]

- A colt who has a much brighter future in the breeding shed, but a grim short-term racing future is Scipion, who unfortunately came out of his workout on the turf with a non-displaced leg fracture which will require surgery.

- Rockport Harbor was feeling none the worse for the wear after his return in the Rebel last weekend.
Rockport Harbor was so wound up immediately after finishing second in the Rebel that he kicked assistant trainer Bobby Velez, also the colt’s exercise rider, for the first time, and a vet had to be summoned Saturday night to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with the son of Unbridled’s Song. "He was a little pi **** off," Servis said.[Arkansas Democrat Gazette]

- The CHRB is unhappy with what they call lack of cooperation by the Jockey Guild in their audit of the organization to determine what Dr. G and his crew has been doing with the $1 million paid to them annually from uncashed tickets, presumably for jockey health insurance.
"There have been allegations that many jockeys have claims that have not been paid and bills that were sent to collection instead," [CHRB commish Richard] Shapiro said. "Until we get satisfaction that the money is being spent correctly, we will withhold the funds."

Jockey Ron Warren, speaking from a wheelchair due to career-threatening injuries he suffered in a recent fall, asked the board to redirect the funds to a group he helped to recently incorporate, the California Jockeys Guild Inc. According to Warren, the new group has the support of the majority of the state's riders.

Afterward, Warren said he had documented 17 cases where jockeys had been turned over to collection agencies for medical bills that were supposed to be covered by the Guild. [Bloodhorse]

- The proposal by the Florida House to limit slots to the so-called bingo-style machines faces strong opposition, even from some of the members of the committee that will vote on it next week.

Another facet of the proposal is a bid to require Broward County to make good on the $438 million windfall to public education that was promised by slots supporters prior to the vote, even though that county now would have to meet that obligation alone since Miami-Dade county voters rejected the referendum on slots. That prompted one slot supporter to quip:
"This is almost like telling Barry Bonds to hit 50 home runs while he's blindfolded and holding a plastic bat," complained former Florida Education Secretary Jim Horne…"On steroids or not, there is no way he could do that.” [St. Petersburg Times; link via Albany Law School]
Especially when Bonds is so tired. The Giants meanwhile continue to market their team around Bonds despite his announcement that he will possibly miss the entire season.