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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bellamy Bluster

- I love people like Edward Sexton who provide great material with their pomposity and flair for humorous ways of putting things. He told bloodhorse. com that the injury reports on Bellamy Road were “overblown.”

"The injury is not serious. It's just bad timing....We could run him in the Preakness and Belmont, but he'd never race again. This is not about greed. We have to stop. The horse comes first, and you have to admire Mr. Steinbrenner for that.”
Then he proved that he’s a ‘kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy’ by taking aim on the opposition past and future.
"The horse that was supposed to win the Derby didn't win....."If the horse was 100 percent, there would have been the right winner. He's a super horse. He's a champion, and he'll be back, bigger, better and bolder." [Bloodhorse]
Bigger, better, and bolder; you gotta love this guy. Neumeier wrote of the way he was dissed by him on NBC before the race: I could have interviewed the horse on NBC Sports during the race and received more information than I got from Steinbrenner’s farm manager, Edward [Sexton].” [] As to the substance of his bravado about Bellamy Road, I could still be buying into that, I must admit somewhat reluctantly and at the risk of being a fool.

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