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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Small consolation

- Well, the race is over but our guest is still here. I've had far too much wine and the conversation is about his upcoming trip to Scotland. Chloe and Kayla watched the race with us, and of course the collective "OH!" went up when Afleet Alex almost went down. Everyone was impressed when I mentioned Alysheba before anyone on NBC. I take comfort from little things like that. I'm explaining broodmare sires now as I plan to bet the 10-3 exacta in the 13th at Pimlico.


thecalicocat said...

if AA falls.scrappy t is dq'd and giacomo has a chance to win triple crown - ugh.

Mutaman said...

i guess Tom Amos was wrong about AA. I know this is a second guess but you'd think a top trainer could tell from a 3 year old's appearance how fit the horse was.

thecalicocat said...

philly sports talk radio alive with AA talk tonight. the whole city cashed tickets on this one.
good thing AA is a small,agile colt or this would have been tragic. this was reckless riding by scrappy t's jock.he needs to sit down for some days.
without the stumble AA goes in uder 1:54.
alan, you handicapped this race very well.

Alan Mann said...

>>alan, you handicapped this race very well.

i was right about a lot of things i guess, thanks. I can imagine how excited folks must be in Philly, and I hope people come up for the Belmont. That's a good point about Giacomo - imagine how much people would have been dissing him then!

And I agree about Amoss - I put a lot of stock into things a guy like that says - he always seems to be winning at a high percentage.

Thanks for reading!