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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Questions About Alex?

- Racing Form clocker Mike Welsch has his final summary of his opinions on the Derby horses he's seen, and he had a mixed assessment about Afleet Alex, which is interesting after the comments by Greater Good's trainer in yesterday's LA Times.

This year's media darling has had a rigorous week but by and large has held up quite well under the strain. Training five miles a morning on more than one occasion, he has had some good days and not as good days during his routine jogs and gallops although both his works were rock solid. Hard to say exactly how he's holding up under all those two a days, he's certainly not the most robust looking member of the field, but he is extremely talented and among the logical contenders in this race. [Daily Racing Form]
Reader cookie jill says that the LA Times is the kiss of death - as much as the loudmouth yelling guy? - and to disregard what they say....but Bill Christine loves Bellamy Road...