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Monday, April 07, 2008

Foiled Again!

- I'm wondering if Bob is going to kick me out of Kasey K for bringing bad luck. Foolish Bid came flying down the middle of the track in the 7th at the Pha, and looked like a sure winner; but Disco T appeared to fight back at the end to retain a short - neck or nose - advantage. Subsequently, the numbers of both of the first two finishers were flashing, and a look at the head on showed bumping near the end. So I'll wait to get the first-hand report from jockey Erilius Vaz to find out exactly what happened. But, as with Pyramid Peak last week, it's another agonizingly close second.

However, it's great news that the horse improved after a couple of fair efforts over the track. And the second place share of $6800 (20% of the 34K purse) doesn't hurt either.


Baloo said...

Alan - Be happy with that performance. I own part of Jersey Moon, who came in last in that race.
Jersey tried to keep up with the speed but tired when he tried to make his move. 2nd place pays the bills!

Alan Mann said...

>>2nd place pays the bills!

About three months worth, we estimate. Cheaper having horses down at Philly than at the NYRA tracks for sure. Hope your horse came out OK.