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Monday, April 21, 2008

Guest Blog

As John with his eagle eye and fanny pack saw I am on this blog doing a little window dressing. I hope you all like the new layout, everything is the same size, believe it or not, just making better use of the space that Blogger allows. It's a personal opinion of course, but for those of you who don't think it's better... you're wrong.

So, this is where everyone comes to read about horse racing; the inner workings of the NYRA, summers at the Spa, and the ever present hunch plays. I usually reside in the hovel known as Handride, and I'd love to see a couple of you check it out now and then, but I'll take this moment to talk about the Greater Good.

The Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance wants to change your perception of racing while not changing the sport. There are 30 different blogs from Japan to Toronto and Queens in between; there's an opinion for everyone. No, there's no way to check 30 blogs a day, but you can keep up to date by bookmarking this page, or grabbing our RSS which LATG is a part of. On top of our homepage being a great stop for all the latest news on the top horses in the country, there's the new News Gator page, why have someone pick and choose what's important & Polls page, where you can take a side or email in a question you want answered.

As for my Derby pick if he gets in it's Tomcito (60), I have a thing for South Americans with nice hind quarters. [ed note - this was written before the Lexington...]

Thanks to Alan for letting me post, again, thanks to you all for reading any of our blogs, and good luck with all your picks for the Derby.


Anonymous said...

Would be interested to know if the TBA has staked out a position on signal access for ADWs? This issue appears to be coming to a head this Derby season, with horsemen demanding open access AND a bigger piece of the pie.

I know we got into this last year around this time quite a bit, but this might be the time to revisit. I know I'm quick to offer opinions, but I'd like to sit back and hear from the wisest crowd in racing for a while (track executives--I know you're are specifically NOT part of the wisest crowd in racing, but you can contribute too if you like).

Is there a chance that we won't be able to bet on the Derby online at all this year? Should the horsemen stand firm? Does anyone care about the customer?

Patrick J Patten said...

That's a tough nut to say the least, and I'd say I'm for exclusivity in some reguards. [If TVG shows the race on TV they deserve a bigger cut, but let everyone bet on it]. However, I think that tangled web deserves an honest to goodness CPA and someone who is unbiased. Unfortunately, you're not gonna find to many regular fans, even TBA fans who have access to the contract information, if there's a link to it, let me know.