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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wind Alert (w/updates)

- Todd Schrmmppff and Simon Bray are reporting from Keeneland that there's a strong headwind, which they feel will favor the speed [Based on the first four races, I would question that assertion.] Meal Penalty went wire to wire in the second; Rock Chalk closed from 4th in the opener.

Also, Schrmmppff is apparently hot with his picks; he likes Cowboy Cal today.

- Ouch, that was a tough beat in the 4th when Pick Six couldn't hold on. Woulda coulda shoulda had the exacta and the triple there. Suffered from a very wide trip once again, and appeared to take a bad step shortly after the start as well, damn! Nice price at 5-1 too.

I must have misunderstood TVG about their big extravaganza today. I thought they were going to be doing their thing all day; instead it's the usual drab studio fare which has me listening to CDs, including Moody Blues' A Question of Balance. I don't think I've listened to this in 20 years, and for the most part, it's apparent why. But Question is a great song to be sure. Why do we never win a photo, when we're knocking at the door? Or something like that.

Interesting situation in the 5th at KEE. Life Lesson drifted out in the stretch, impeding the progress of the rallying Dan's Pride. The latter finished in a dead heat with Dan's Pride. So when Life Lesson came down, properly it seemed, that created a dead heat for the win spot, with those who bet Dan's Pride probably feeling the most fortunate.

The disqualified winner was trying to go wire to wire, so speed was pretty good in that race.

- I'm alive in the Pick Three starting off with Rutherienne, which is a good result at 6-1. But it was expensive, as I basically used all of the main contenders. So I'm running out of money in my NYRA account. I have a little more in the OTB account, but I'm in serious danger of having to drive to the Forest Hills OTB in order to make a deposit.

- TVG blew the 7th race, and I blew my Pick Threes. I'm wondering if the Head Chef will drive me so I don't have to look for parking. TVG was set up on the wrong finish line, so the camera was downstream, and the virtual yard markers on the track were completely off. Oh man, how embarrassing. At least Carothers, noting that their viewers "aren't dumb," immediately pointed out the problem and apologized. Limestone Edge held on over Ready's Echo, with my top two way back in the pack.


Anonymous said...

lol Moody Blues

Put on some acoustic Jorma (Quah) or Hot Tuna (first album, acoustic, 1970)

Brett said...

I do like the nice new graphics on TVG.

By the way Kentucky Bear openign up at like 19-1. WOW! I loved this horse when he was suppose to run his second race in a stakes at Gulfstream but got scratched.

Picks for the Blue Grass...

I have none.

I'll do a $1 exacta box with the 3,5,10,11.

I really like Cowboy Cal if he isn't still "injured" after the Hallandale. And I think Miners Claim form will do well moving from Turfway to Keeneland.

I am alive in the P3 considering I singled Rebellion (woohoo) in the 8th, however now that I am alive to the 1,3,5,10, and 11, I'm thinking Pyro will go out and destroy the field. I also have the 2,4,7 in the last.

I love Gomez and Lattice in the last. Second off layoff, Stall Jr. has been hot. I think he wins at about 9/2.

Anonymous said...

The Lexington Courier-Journal (cited in an earlier posting) called it with Kentucky Bear being a juicy pick at 50-1 (ML) ....

So with the bombs by Pyro and Big Truck do we just toss out the polyrack efforts?

It just gives more support in my view that wagering on the West Coast runners who've been poly only will be taking a huge risk. in the Derby

Brett said...
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Brett said...

I've lost my marbles. I am alive to the 4,8,11 in the final race.

Superfecta said...

I used to really like A Question of Balance, although I think I prefer On the Threshold of a Dream or Every Good Boy Deserves Favour for full-album goodness (assuming we're framing this in the context of trippy albums of that period)'s a bit jarring when my iPod throws up an individual song from one of those albums.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect it looks like Todd Schrupp (not "Schruummmph") was right. Speed pretty much held the day in the Bluegrass.