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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Man... (With the Happy Update)

- ...What are the odds of Bill Turner winning three races in a row...

UPDATE: Well, according to the payoff of the all-Bill Turner Pick Three, around 810-1!!

And Bob asked me to put in the good word for Thoro-graph!! :-D


Anonymous said...

Alan, I was just thinking the same thing. Turner wins with two pretty long shots, and now he's going to have the favorite. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Congrats.... easy too.

Valerie Grash said...

Pretty damn good chance...congrats, Alan!!

Brett said...

Rack up a nice W for Just Zip It.

Anonymous said...

We might have seen her best today.
Under 1.10 is pretty great.
She should stay at six furlongs. That is her distance.
Shut out in Philly but hsppy for you Alan.

Anonymous said...

re: Kentucky Derby live Post Position Draw on ESPN2

Ah, yes, not unlike a few years ago with the Little League players it looks like horse racing fans gets the shaft as European football (!) drifts into the live time slot. A reported 10 more minutes to go .... this is BS!

Anonymous said...

And forgive me for not saying congrats to Alan with Just Zip It taking the 6th race. A lovely payout $7.80 for the win ticket.

Anonymous said...

Surely everyone watching the draw heard one of the commentators say,"If your not cheating,your not trying!"...say it ain't so!!!
Congrats on that grass speedball today.

p.s. what did jerry brown do to get a tip of the hat?

Alan Mann said...

>>p.s. what did jerry brown do to get a tip of the hat?

Thoro-graph showed a positive pattern for Just Zip It, while Ragozin was negative.

Anonymous said...

billysheets says

Alan your brain connectors are negative not ragozin sheets.Come on now and give us some hunch bets for tomorrow. After all you picked a weener today at belmont and is being looked at like your the new champ since mohammed ali. TVG needs another ANAList how about giving them a call.

steve in nc said...

Excellent piece on the Times blog, and congrats again, man (Mann).

I'll be interested to see what kind of # Just Zip It Gets -- it seems like the track was really fast yesterday. Despite the fast time, it's possible she may get a regressing figure on Ragozin (probably not true for TG, given Brown's different approach to variant making).

Maybe you're rigbt and the issue last race really was the shoes. "Nike Angle Trumps 0-2-X" would be the headline if there were a Rag sheet newsletter.

So where is it safe to invest the Just Zip It profits? China? Shares in IEAH?