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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Hough

- Stanley Hough has a reputation as a guy who wins with two-year old first time starters at Saratoga, but the stats don't really bear that out, at least going back for five years via Formulator. During that time, he's won just three, out of 19, races of that type at the Spa. Overall, he's won there at an 11% rate, and 18% everywhere else.

But Hough is the hottest trainer on the grounds right now. With two more winners on Friday, he's won five out of his last seven races; and his latest two are horses that almost never win! Holiday Trip was 1-17 coming in, and Deputy Indy had won once in his last 16. At least they both race a lot. Hough has no starters for the rest of the meeting, so he will hope to carry his momentum over the break, much like the Mets did resuming play last night, and improve those Saratoga stats.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's paying the $600 per bottle for the Australian serum that Levine's been using, primarily at Monmoth.
A 2 week program in the feed supplemented with syringe use -no test as of yet.

Would be no surprise as he made his name at Calder, along with Arnold and Neil Winick, using sublimase - at the same time Alan Marcus and Robert DeBonis, among others, were using it up here.

Watch them run - blinkers on and full speed ahead until they drop.

Anonymous said...

You got it right Reggie.

Just ask the Windfields.

Hough was the sublimase king at Calder and quietly eased out Miami into New York before getting busted.

At least he knows what he uses and keeps quiet and under the radar.