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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hunch Bets for Friday, July 18

Spanning The Globe 8th at Arlington
All Joking Aside 8th at Arlington
Money Issues 2nd at Presque Isle Downs
Time For Truth 5th at Calder
Earnings Report 3rd at Presque Isle Downs
Follow The Rules 9th at Ellis Park
Hard Rockin 7th at Colonial Downs
Hard Truth 6th at Colonial Downs


Anonymous said...

All Joking Aside .I'd Have Money Issues If I used your picks.

Anonymous said...

A question with the ESPY awards "grab bag" as cited on many sources. Example Paulick 'Looking A Gift Bag in the Mouth'

Since Kent Desormeaux won an ESPY (Best Jockey) he can receive the 2% stake in the West Point Breeders Cup entry, but does that pose legal restrictions?

I mean can you potentially, as a jockey, own a stake in a horse against which you might ride?

As an aside, the 2% stake is non transferable so it would be for all ESPY winners a use it or lose it 'gift'. Further if Kent (or any other winner) did agree to accept it he has to agree to his name being used in connection with WPTBs.