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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Notes - July 2

- Curlin worked out on the grass, and Robby Albarado said: “He was as fluid as always." Which reminds of when assistant Scott Blasi said: "It was smooth, a typical Asmussen blowout" after Pyro first worked out on the Polytrack. And we know how that turned out. Only so much one can tell from a morning workout, so I'm not looking any at Arc futures pools just as yet.

Thanks to reader Case, who informs us that the defending HOTY has been nominated to grass races at Del Park, Belmont, and Arlington Park. Of course, his owners have licensing issues in New York; but do those go away if the fen-phen attorneys are acquitted?

Wherever he runs, I can't bet against him. No, this is not a Curlin is overrated post; I have little doubt about his ample ability. But betting against a horse, at short odds, who has never been on the grass is consistently one of the best betting opportunities around; and Curlin figures to be bet down no matter who he runs against or where. They'll be a Curlin premium on some solid grass horses, especially if he goes in the Man O'War or Arlington Handicap (no offense, Case :-) He certainly has the breeding - by Smart Strike, out of a Deputy Minister mare, with a Tomlinson of 342. But it doesn't matter; it's an automatic play!

- One of the cool things about harness racing is that just about anyone can hop into a sulky and take a spin with just a little practice. Even the people who run the tracks! Somehow, I can't picture Frank Stronach and Steve Sexton whipping and driving thoroughbreds down the stretch. [Hat tip to Albany Law School's Racing and Gaming Today.]

- Seems as if somebody, somewhere, is really pissed at Larry Jones. First it was the horse with the sponge stuck up its nose; then the drug positive that the trainer disputes, and which owner Jim Squires called a "deliberate effort to impugn our credibility." Now, two of his horses were mysteriously found turned out from their stalls on consecutive recent nights. One of Jones' employees has been fired as a result of these latest incidents. But if I were Jones, I'd be looking behind me, and checking the inside of that hat before putting it on as well.


El Angelo said...

Alan, I can't agree that it's "automatic" to play against Curlin---let's see what type of field he lines up against. If he hits the Delaware race against a bunch of mediocrities that haven't done better than a G3 win, it may not matter if he's as good on the turf as he just might win on raw talent alone.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though licensing issues won't prevent the big horse from running. His minority interest has been transferred by the judge who ruled against Cunningham et al, and now it should be easy enough to get him licensed.