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Friday, July 04, 2008

Parties in the Parks

4th of July hunch bets:

On The Rocks - 2nd at Delaware Park
Wheredhego - 3rd at Presque Isle
Waited Long Enough - 3rd at Finger Lakes
Surprise Inside - 5th at Penn National
Giant Surge - 7th at Finger Lakes
Tastyfromthegitgo - 2nd at Evangeline
One Short - 9th at Woodbine
Building New Era - 5th at Belmont
- The Paulick Report tried to Drudge up some controversy on Dutrow the other day with an innuendo-filled ditty about Unrequited, a Dutrow-trainee who suffered a fatal injury at Monmouth at Sunday, just two days after having raced at Belmont. This trainer has been running horses back on short rest without incident for years, but only now, after the fact and in the current charged atmosphere, do we hear any questioning of the practice. 14 times prior over the last five years had he run a horse back on as little as one days rest; and then there was Golden Man, who ran in stakes on consecutive days in 2005, and is still going, albeit at a far lower level, today (7 starts in 2008).

Based on today's entries at Belmont, Dutrow is unfazed; he's entered two horses who would be running back in a matter of days. Please Impress ran second on Sunday; and The Cuban Hawk was third just this past Wednesday. The latter was making his first start since August. It's been pointed out that Unrequited had recently had a long layoff too; but he at least had made two starts prior to the two races in three days. If The Cuban Hawk is really going to run today (this being written before today's late scratch time), he'd be jumping right into the fire off ten months off. Unless Dutrow is a complete fool, I'd have to think that he's supremely confident about the horse's condition; again, if he really does run.

It's a 3PM post time today, the first time I recall NYRA conducting its twilight racing on a holiday. I seem to remember a past year in which a Friday 4th of July program was switched back to 1 PM. It's a holiday Party in the Park. Here's a reader who thinks it's a bad idea, and he/she has some valid points. Personally, I think it's kind of cool; and there's a couple of decent, as far as these things go these days, Grade 2's on the card to boot.

However, it's not quite as cool as today's free concert down in Battery Park. It's the hottest ticket in town; they were gobbled up online in a reported 13 minutes. So a nice job by yours truly for being quick on the keyboard. The Feelies played for the first time in 17 years at Maxwell's this week. They'll open for Sonic Youth, who, fortunately, have been with us, unaltered, straight through for more than 25 years. They're the only band I know of who wrote a song named after a horse who finished 11th in the Kentucky Derby (or after any horse who's run in the Derby??)

So, here's wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July, and good luck at the windows!


Anonymous said...

Praise to Allah. My horse didn't make your list. Might have been the "Kiss Of Death"


Anonymous said...

ReggieHammond says lets see how ur crapout hunch bets did so far today.

On the Rocks..........out
Superise Inside.......oh didn't lose yet

Giant Surge............out
Tastyfromhegitgo.......oh didn't lose yet
One Short..............out
Building New Era....ur lucky never ran was mto only

Can u handicap Hollywood dog track for me Alan. U might fair better.

Anonymous said...

ReggieHammond says

lets complete the list

Surprise Inside.......out

8 hunch bets and u went 0-8

not to shabby eh......

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no Suburban Handicap, formerly the middle jewel of the NY Handicap Triple Crown and run on July 4th. Has the new NYRA, NYRA-in-limbo, or whatever we should call it, made any noises about restoring the lost prestige of these races? The Suburban and Brooklyn were both run at 1 1/4 miles in the old days. Would be interesting to see in how many years Kelso ran in one or all three (including the Metropolitan), when the story line would be something like: "Kelso won this race last year under 132, and the year before at 130, so this year at 135 looks like it only gets tougher for the old warrior." It is this kind of longevity and success in Grade I stakes races that builds fan interest and following in the game as a whole as opposed to the steady parade of one hit wonders who somehow manage to win the Kentucky Derby. /S/Green Mtn Punter

Michael said...

Are people too dense to understand that the hunch bets are not to be taken seriously?

They're funny names, play on words, interesting themes, etc... not actual tips.

Why do people continue to beat up on Alan b/c of the hunch bets?