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Monday, July 28, 2008

That's The Game

- Nick Zito was upset with Eibar Coa for riding Mint Lane the only way the horse knows how to run, at least successfuly - on the lead - thus dueling Da'Tara, and his own horse into defeat.

"That was absolutely insane what Coa did....I don't know why. We made the lead; why don't you wait second? [Albany Times Union]
I wasn't aware that there was any rule that the horse that makes the lead first is entitled to have it to itself. If anything, Da'Tara has at least shown some ability to run on to the finish from slightly off the pace. So maybe Nick should have done a better job reading the Form, and instructed his rider accordingly. I mean, it's obvious from reading the running lines that Mint Lane was going to be hellbent for the lead. I think that Jerry Bailey would guffaw at Zito's criticism of Coa the same way he did on ABC when Bejarano complained about race riding against Ginger Punch on Saturday. "That's the game."

Maybe Da'Tara could have run like Wanderin Boy did for Nick on Monday, stalking off the flank of Mr. Umphrey before drawing away in 1:21.87. That was the first seven furlong race since the son of Seeking the Gold's debut, some 22 races and nearly four years ago on the dirt Keeneland track. He won that race too. So maybe Nick should be racing him short, and Commentator long, and by all means, never the twain shall meet!

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SaratogaSpa said...

you hit the freakin form Zito...Horses almost always run to their form and Mint Lane did exactly what everyone at the Track (except for Zito) knew he would do.