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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NY Notes - Oct 21

- State Senator Bill Larkin, the Chairman of the Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee, weighs in on the Aqueduct racino imbroglio. If you're guessing that he basically says: GET THIS DONE ALREADY!!!, you're certainly on the right track.

“New York’s racing industry is in trouble.....The State of New York needs to quickly identify the most qualified bidder to operate VLTs at Aqueduct and seriously consider VLTs at Bemont Park. This bidder must have the capability to create a true regional tourist destination that can attract other ancillary retail and entertainment business, which would ultimately raise the revenue needed to help curtail future state and local tax increases.” [Thoroughbred Times]
According to reporter Paul Post, an organization called International Racing Management is calling for the public to be able to see the bids for themselves. I have absolutely no idea who or what this outfit is; and as far as I'm concerned, any entity that doesn't show up on a Google search doesn't really exist. (As opposed to, say, Left at the Gate.) But it truly is appalling how this entire process has played out behind closed doors. One can't help but think back to the days of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Racing, which conducted open hearings on the franchise selection, and made public every last word of all of the bids, and the reasoning behind their decision. We may never again see anything like that in this state in our lifetimes.

- Steve Zorn notes on his Business of Racing blog that the State Racing and Wagering Board has now proposed a rule that would allow trainers to enter a maximum of two horses per race as uncoupled entries.
The rule, which was announced by the Board on October 10th, could be adopted any time after the public comment period ends on October 29th.
Uncoupled entries is one of the things that Charles Hayward had told me that NYRA was counting on to help increase revenues, not only by creating more betting interests, but by thereby also increasing the number of races eligible for superfecta wagering. Mr. Zorn informs us that we can send comments, until October 29, to the Board's John Googas at


Anonymous said...

NYRA is giving fans a diluted product with a takeout increase as the icing on the cake. Will racing fans want more superfectas on an increasing number of maiden claiming and conditioned claiming races while paying a 26% takeout?

The slots deal was designed to plug a hole in the State budget. Any consideration to the gambling public or the local community in Queens is secondary.

Sorry for the gloomy outlook but the track record of all parties involved is poor.

Anonymous said...

They should just change the stupid superfecta rule to begin with, coupled entries should not prohibit any wager.

Every wager should be available on every race that has one more than the minimum number required for that wager, regardless of number of entrants or coupled entries.

A triple wager is the only reasonble way to play a four horse race, yet they prohibit.