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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shill Journalism

- I was reading this column by Jeremy Plonk on, and he goes on absolutely batshit about how awesome the Breeders' Cup is this year....and every year, for that matter. And yes, of course, the Breeders' Cup is pretty damn cool. But this seemed really over the top, and you'd never even know from this column about the synthetic track thing or the controversy over Friday. Even though he concludes with some solid advice ("no one should talk you off a Breeders' Cup price stab"), it was reading more like a press release or some marketing copy to me.

And then I read on, and I realized that that's essentially exactly what it was.

For those of you watching and playing the Breeders' Cup from home this Friday and Saturday, please join me online at for live, interactive analysis throughout both days. I'll be anchoring the coverage of all the trends, toteboard analysis and late-breaking wagering strategies. I'll also be taking your questions in real-time about anything that's on your mind, race-by-race. []
Well, who says that ESPN isn't using all of their resources to help market the event? Just didn't think it would be in the guise of journalism. I was tentatively planning on doing the live blog thing myself on Friday (though now that I know it starts at 3:30, I'll probably miss the first race). But man, I can't compete with a wonk like Plonk. So maybe I'll just live blog his live blog. Bet that hasn't done before.

- I'm not sure exactly what the nature of the transaction involving Pyro and Darley is. We're variously told that Darley will assume ownership (Thoroughbred Times), take possession (Bloodhorse), and that Pyro will become the property of the Sheikh's empire. It sounds more like a foreclosure than a sale.

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Anonymous said...

"So maybe I'll just live blog his live blog."

That would be delightfully meta.