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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Paterson Off To The Race(s)

- Governor Paterson will be taking questions from readers at The Albany Project blog on Wednesday at 4 PM. He'll only do so for a half hour, but perhaps we can sneak in a question on the Aqueduct racino. Actually might be more interesting to get his thoughts on the possibility of slots at Belmont. I think they'd have to discover that Delaware North is being backed by banks from Iceland in order to not go with their inflated downpayment at this point.

I also see that the governor has a new website touting his leadership and accomplishments; and soliciting donations and volunteers for his re-election campaign. Paterson made an "official" announcement of sorts that he will run for office in 2010 on The Huffington Post on Monday.

Fred Dicker reported in the Post yesterday that Paterson would have likely bowed out had Mayor Bloomberg not decided to rewrite NYC's term limit law to suit himself, and run for governor instead. Now, he may face Rudy Giuliani instead. And if you think this blog is a bit partisan now.... I'll have to move out of the state if that little slimeball ever became governor.....that if I'm not already in Canada after this election. Move over CanGamble....gotta be room for another racing blog up there, yes?

- Here's a little followup to the article on Louis Cappelli the other day, as the developer seeks to reassure folks that the national lending crisis wasn't going to mess up his plans for a $1.1 billion resort at the Concord.

"Ritz-Carlton, Great Wolf Lodge, Jack Nicklaus and my friend Donald Trump are all finalizing their proposals to be a part of the 'Catskills Renaissance,'" the developer wrote in an e-mail. []
Yeah, that's sure reassuring enough...

- I sometimes make fun of others as "wonks," but here I've been repeatedly checking the gaming figures from Yonkers to check out the numbers from last week. They've been declining as we mentioned, and it's just mind-boggling to me that folks would continue to piss their money away in slot machines - or on horse races for that matter - with the world going to hell in a handbasket. No update yet...but interested to see if the drop off continues.

Somebeachsomewhere is actually coming to the Yonk! Hard to believe, but the world's fastest pacer is on track for the Messenger Stakes right here at Old Hilltop! Elimination heats will be held on Oct 18 (if necessary), with the final slated for the night of Breeders' Cup day, Oct 25. I don't imagine that Yonkers will do any promotion for this, considering that there's really no room there for a racing crowd anymore. You have the top floor of the clubhouse, which has been completely preserved as if a national landmark, a small simulcast room, and just a few mutuels available outside on the apron.

The Beach won the Tattersalls at The Red Mile on Saturday, but "only" in 1:47.4. "The goal was to win, we were happy with the way he raced last week, but we really had no intentions of a record today," said trainer Brian McGrath. Yeah, but you'd said that you were going for the record in Lexington, and would even time trial if necessary. Well, nevermind. They've got his stud plans all set, and I imagine they'll do quite well even without the record, at least as far as harness horses go.


Anonymous said...

There is a decent restaurant in the Yonkers clubhouse with a good view as well.

You are correct that the clubhouse has been "preserved" which is a good thing in this particular case.

If you look at the Yonkers slot numbers year over year, the declines are not so big. They are still growing year over year but the growth rate has slowed.

Alan Mann said...

The restaurant overlooking the track was unaltered too, at least the last time I was there. "Preserved" is a nice way of saying "neglected," considering all of the extensive construction and renovation done to house the slots.

Anonymous said...

It is still in good shape as of my visit in July and nicer than the new slot buffets IMO. Maybe I am biased since it is an old haunt of mine.

Anonymous said...

I think too much empasis is being given DelNorth's upfront fee compared to the others. The effects of the extent of the project on neighboring communities, the marketing budget contemplated by the VLT operator, the annual payments made to the state once up and running, the emploment opportunities of a bigger and better project, all of these things should be of greater importance than upfront money if Patterson truly has leadership qualities and vision.

SaratogaSpa said...

Patterson will certaintly be talking/taking credit for Today's annoucement from AMD that they will be teaming with ATIC Abu Dhabi Co to build Semiconductor Chip Fab plant in Malta, NY (stones throw from Saratoga).

Alan Mann said...

SS - He already has. Had a major press conference to announce the deal. Hilary was there. And Joe Bruno too!

Anonymous said...

Rude-ee, Rude-ee, Rude-ee, Rude-ee

Anonymous said...

Hey, is anyone intending to ask a question about the VLT decision? If so, how does that happen?

Alan Mann said...

>>Hey, is anyone intending to ask a question about the VLT decision? If so, how does that happen?

I actually don't see any instructions on how to do so. But it is still scheduled for 4PM, and I'll let you know if I see anything beforehand.