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Friday, October 31, 2008

Paterson Vents

- Governor Paterson, in an interview with the Albany Times Union, defended his efforts on behalf of his party's Senate candidates, and denied he had promised to not get involved in the campaign. In a long, sometimes rambling account, Paterson complained that he was "constantly being attacked" once Bruno retired and Senator Skelos become Majority Leader.

The governor still seemed particularly piqued by the events surrounding the Aqueduct racino selection process.

Now, in the leaders’ meeting, Sen. Skelos, on Oct. 3rd, criticized me for not bringing in a deal on Aqueduct. I was ready to do that in July. The state lost $90 million, a million dollars a day, because we couldn’t – because three people couldn’t agree on who had the best offer to start the VLTs and the destination projects at Aqueduct. Finally, since I’d been called out, I came up with a group I thought would be the best one. And two more weeks went by. Why? What were they doing for the two weeks? They said they didn’t understand the plan? After three months they didn’t understand it?

In the extra two weeks, they couldn’t have been negotiating with the companies because if they were, that violates the negotiating principle.

IJL: So were they posturing?

Paterson: I don’t know what they were doing! I just know that was another 15 million dollars until they finally arrived on the same group we did. [Capital Confidential]
That's not the first time that Paterson has made a point to refute any insinuation on the part of the Republicans that they extracted enhancments to Delaware North's original plan. "Delaware North's bid was not changed," a spokesman said last week.


Anonymous said...

The Governor's statement makes no sense.

He argues that he was ready to make an announcement about Aqueduct in July, but didn't come up with a group until October, following being "called out" by Senator Skelos. The unasked question was "then why didn't you announce it in July"?

Instead, he waits and waits and waits until it's politically convenient to make hay against Skelos. He then has the audacity to ask "what were they doing for the two weeks?"

Governor, what were you and your ticket-mate Eliot Spitzer doing for for two years?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with 9:18 poster. Every time I hear Paterson talk about "$1 million a day" I think the same. I think Charlie Hayward was the author of that same quote earlier this year? Paterson surely does make it a point to suggest that the DelNorth plan hasn't changed since its original submission. All you have to do is go to the Community Board 10 that was involved since the beginning and realize that this is not the case. Not only has the master plan changed, so has the list of Delaware North partners. The Governor is beginning to sound like a guy that know's he has been caught red handed in the cookie jar. He seems to be covering up for something. Wonder what that is?

SaratogaSpa said...

Paterson was a breath of fresh air after Spitzer sneaked off to hide in his Apartment, but now I don't know, Paterson reminds me of a....Politician, not fresh at all...just more of the same old dance.

Anonymous said...

This smelly saga is sounding more and more like the guilty conscience needing no accuser. And while Paterson's lips are moving, who's really doing his talking?
I hope whatever Skelos got in return for playing along, it wasn't a deal struck with the guy with the horns.
Fat lady still hasn't sung, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know who Paterson was poised to select in July? I can't believe he points at Skelos as the problem when he's just been sitting on his hands.