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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under the Wrong Impression

- For some reason I was under the impression that Friday's telecast of the Filly Friday races was from 4 until 7 PM in the east. Why did I think that?

Oh yeah, because of this:

[Breeders' Cup Chief Marketing Officer Peter] Land said having the Ladies' Classic on television at roughly 6:40 p.m. Eastern time is a “dream scenario. From a sports perspective on a Friday evening, we’re not really competing against much.” [Bloodhorse, March 2]
I thought that it was a stretch to categorize a race with a 6:40 PM post time as being on a Friday evening in the first place. But now, I see that the telecast is actually from 3:30 - 6:30 PM, and the F&M Pro-Ride Classic has a post time of 6:15. That qualifies more as late afternoon/early evening to me. And that's just on the east coast. Damn sure they ain't competing against much, I'll give him that much.

Well, there must be a good explanation for the switch. Hmmm, no reason in the world I can see why the Breeders' Cup or Santa Anita would be interested in the change. So, it must have been the network, doncha think? Let's see why ESPN2 might have requested an earlier telecast.

Oh yeah, it's a half hour of NASCAR Now, a lead in to an exciting night of NASCAR Sprint Cup Qualifying races. Is that like Win And Yer In?


George said...

Pitiful isn't it! -George

Colins Ghost said...

Horse racing needs to get off of ESPN. Versus would be a better option.

Anonymous said...

that move has done wonders for hockey