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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skelos and Del North Talk it Out

- Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos' spokesperson John McArdle, who I guess is the resident spokesperson for whomever the GOP Senate Majority Leader is, called Tuesday's meeting between the Senator and Delaware North "very productive." Skelos, who was accompanied by Del North lobbyist Patricia Lynch and developer Don Peebles, traveled to Buffalo for the meeting.....though don't think for a moment that the trip was purely for state business. He also took the opportunity to campaign for GOP State Senate candidate Michael Ranzenhofer, who is locked in a tight race with Democrat "Baby" Joe Mesi, the former heavyweight boxer, in another absolutely crucial swing race that will help to determine control of the chamber. Another one of those mixed state business/politics trips, and I forgot, who pays for those now in the wake of Troopergate? The Aqueduct racino is tied up with this election in many ways to be sure.

"We didn't put politics in the middle of this," McArdle said, "but there was an endorsement the day before the governor announced his selection. I find it ironic that people say we're playing politics, when it was just the opposite." [Associated Press]
Del North president William Bissett, who no doubt presented Senator Skelos with his suddenly-enhanced plan, said: "We were very encouraged with the meeting."
Skelos told the company executives to now work with community leaders in Queens to get them to better understand their plan for the site. As for a decision timetable, McArdle said that will depend on the company’s success in getting backing in Queens. [Buffalo News]
Skelos can soon drop by Community Board 10 to see how that's going, and make a campaign stop for Senator Maltese at the same time.

I reminded you guys a few days ago that Delaware North's lobbying team includes people close to Speaker Sheldon Silver. Forgot to mention as well that Patricia Lynch's team also includes David Brand, described as one of Gov. David Paterson's closest friends. Senator Skelos surely must not be feeling the love here, and one can understand his frustration on several levels.


Anonymous said...

So, all things being equal, in terms of political "airtime", per se, do SL Green and Capital Play both get to come back to Queens again to work with the community on their "suddenly enhanced" plans, too?
As soon as DelNorth didn't meet the requirements the first go-round, and the others did, their bid should have been thrown out altogether. That's how it works in the real world, anyway. The fact that DelNorth has been privvy, I mean, held to a completely different set of standards has made a mockery of the system. The blatant croneyism and insider BS, especially on Silver's part, is apparently standard operating procedure for this group, but if Skelos "loses" this round, I wonder what he wins in terms of concessions in the future? What's the quid pro quo from the other two heads of the NY Hydra?
Sadly, the biggest losers are the good neighbors in Queens. The good news is they can express their opinions freely at the polls in a few weeks, in what is a truly Democratic process.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing. All along Delaware North had the worst plan, now it's in the best interests of NY to take it. I wonder if the punch line is buried in all this crap somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I have been watching this debate intently. Isn't this Delaware North Companies the company formerly known as Emprise Corportaion? I belive a federal court in the 70's found Emprise conspired to conceal its ownership interests as well as the interest of two alleged organized crime figures in a Las Vegas casino. One year later, the House Select Committee on Crime found that "Emprise should have known" that it was either the finacier or business partner for operations with alleged organized crime connections in states from New England to Nevada. This is all "stuff" that can be verified, so what the heck is NY thinking?

Anonymous said...

Here is the issue, Del North is a sub par operator that spends minimal capital to make revenue. Their product thus is low rent attracting as has been stated before individuals who gamble their rent money rather then those of us who have more disposable income and enjoy a vegas style resort. The governor et al has destroyed their effort to revive horse racing before it ever had a chance. The group they picked never presented a program benefiting Queens however now they have some grand project presented, how does this work when they invest 370m just for the opportunity to build? Where does the capital come from to build? Ask Finger Lakes, Arkansas and for the most part every product they manage which is far inferior to the other 2 proposals. NY again makes its bed, I hope you are comfortable.