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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Paterson: Big A Bidders "Sound," Decision "Forthcoming"

- Here's the thread from Governor Paterson's Q&A on The Albany Project site. Glad that a questioner there named Luke - perhaps someone from this site? - was able to get on and pose the question about Aqueduct. The governor's answer seems newsworthy:

The decision to select a VLT operator at Aqueduct would already have been made but we thought it more prudent to conduct a 10-day inquiry regarding the financial stability of the 3 competitors. This research seems to indicate that the finances of all the parties is sound. When it is completed this week, an announcement will be forthcoming.
Well, once again, we're led to believe that an announcement is imminent. Unfortunately though, and not surprisingly, there was no response to Luke's followup:
Is "forthcoming" defined as next week, or sometime in the distant future, as the horse world and NY taxpayers have been waiting, somewhat patiently, since 2001?


Anonymous said...

Keeneland - Race 6

#4 Grizzly Peak (7/2 ml)

Very quick 2yo for Kenneally just didn't appear to handle to the mud last time out. At the very least, he should've been capable of challenging for the early lead, but he never appeared comfortable over the off-going and looked to be spinning his wheels before retreating to the back of the pack. Keep in mind that this colt had been working head-up multiple times with Argyle Pink (who won for us the day after Grizzly Peak's debut), and Argyle Pink DID handle the mud okay when running quite well vs. stakes company on the same card that Grizzly Peak ran poorly on. More evidence there that it was a surface issue, rather than a talent issue. Expecting a bounce-back here over the Keeneland polytrack, as the clocker comments on the Keeneland website note that Grizzly Peak was "well in reserve" during his Oct 4 drill over the track. Based on his sharp Saratoga debut, he figures plenty tough in here with a representative performance. You might also note the PP's for Mesa Sunrise (entered in today's 6th race @ Belmont), as Grizzly Peak had repelled that one rather easily in the Saratoga race. Mesa Sunrise returned out of that race to miss by less than a length in a very fast maiden race on grass, lending further credence to Grizzly Peak's apparent quality.

Anonymous said...

hard to think about VLT's at Aqueduct, or Belmont for that matter, with the equity markets essentially crashing! How about a bottom of the market pool, prizes for closet to the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P low level? I am more inclined now to say to all the legitimate VLT bidders that have stayed in the deal: let's do something at Aqueduct, Belmont and at a downtown Manhattan OTB parlor that benefits everyone; the state, taxpayers, racing and the fighters left standing in the ring. Too grand or just right?

Anonymous said...

It will be Delaware North and it will be announced after the elections.

Anonymous said...

It's only Delaware North if Senate majority changes and Silver gets on board the VLT's at Belmont train.