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Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Truck Gets Big Money

- The money showed on Barclay Tagg's first-timer Big Truck from the very beginning on Thursday. 5-2 in the morning line, he opened at 1-2, drifted up a bit, went off at 3-5 after the late scratch of Good Law, and won easily by six (albeit in a moderate time of 1:17.65.). What a great game!

Ya Think battled back along the inside to take the third, another winner for George Weaver. At Attention (2-1) took money for Mott, and though this one ran well for second, more on that later. Weaver put blinkers on this colt, as he did for his recent longshot winner Pulla Fast One, and 8-1 runner-up Hackensack.

The bettors outsmarted themselves in the 5th, letting winner Longingfortheone go off at an overlaid 9-2. Kent Desormeaux rode her last time, but he went to My Into Wishin. So did the money; she went off at 5-2. Based on their past form, in retrospect, and with the benefit of knowing the results, I'd say those odds should have been reversed.

The 7th race was the only thing I did right, throwing Mott's Monster Drive (6-5) out of my late Pick Three mix. The trainer is starting to get really overbet at times, such as with this horse trying the grass for the first time with no apparent turf breeding to speak of. So I used the three horses with turf form, and they finished 1-2-3 within a length of each other. I was upset for awhile that 9-1 Citifest was edged by 3-1 Metro Meteor, but it of course all became moot when My Typhoon lost, and even mooter when a 32-1 shot won the finale.


Anonymous said...

My Typhoon benefited greatly from the pace scenario in her last. Curiously ridden yesterday, fought the rating tactics all the way up the back stretch.

For all my Todd bashing, I finally made the right call with WAW.

She looking fantastic in the paddock, how did the Head Chef miss her?

Alan, i may have missed it but did you or anyone research Todd's record since his return from the latest suspension?

Anonymous said...

I'm finally back to reading my favorite racing blog everyday! I took a leave to finish college since I dropped out a decade ago. My husband said I couldn't just handicap for the rest of my life. The Kings Bishop is deep enough to be a BC preview minus Greg's Gold. I hope Hard Spun wins just to confuse the good people at the NTRA. Anyway, good luck on Travers Day (did you hear a rumor about Travers getting moved up in the meet?)Hit a triple!

JMW said...

I had Lookingfortheone. One of my five winners over the last three days, but definitely down overall. Tomorrow (today, now that it's 1:07 a.m.) promises to be no easier -- much harder, in fact. And 96 and muggy -- oh my!! Good luck on Travers day...

JMW said...

I meant Longingfortheone, not "Looking." Like I said, it's 1:07 a.m.