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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Notes - Aug 28

- Hunch bets for Tuesday:

A Quick Bye Bye - 10th at Prairie Meadows
Uwouldn'twannabeme - 6th at Fort Erie
Potential Rival - 8th at Yavapai Downs
- The latest setback for Rags to Riches may result in her missing the Sept. 8 engagement Ruffian Handicap at Belmont; the Gazelle a week later is a possible alternative. But the Toddster told Sherry Ross of the Daily News that the Belmont winner was feeling better on Monday.
"She just charged from the back of the stall when I checked in on her just before we left. That's her. If you didn't have a thermometer, then you would have never thought anything was wrong with her this morning....I might even train her in the morning, if she's as frisky as she is right now. We'll pull another blood on her in the morning, and then I can breeze her (tomorrow) possibly. But it's premature to make any decisions yet." [NY Daily News]
- Shug McGaughey on the disappointing 4th place finish of Sightseeing in the Travers:
"He didn't run very good, and why he didn't run any better, I honestly don't know,....I was very disappointed but I don't have a reason for his performance. I still think he's a distance horse, and I've just gotta figure out where the switch is." [Bloodhorse]
- Prairie Meadows is taking a wait-and-see attitude towards synthetic tracks.
"There are some pros and some cons," Prairie Meadows general manager Gary Palmer said. "As the information funnels in from all different directions, everyone learns a little more every day." [Des Moines Register (hat tip to Albany Law School Racing and Gaming Today]]
The article refers to a report in the Racing Form that a rash of breakdowns[at Arlington Park] the past two months [has] raised the 2007 total to 14. I hadn't read that before; and considering that the 2006 total that caused so much consternation and which led to the installation of Polytrack was 22, I'd say that's pretty disturbing news.


David said...

Even money Rags to Riches never races again.

Anonymous said...

The Arlington numbers just confirm what I've said all along: The incidence of breakdowns is more highly correlated to infirmities, either congenital or training/race related,than it is to the surface of the track. The fact of the matter is that there are too many horses presently training and racing which should not be. But the Hollywood and Del Mar numbers tend to disprove my theory you say- perhaps that is true, so far, but we just don't have enough of a sample yet to come to any real conclusions. Is NTRA or some other non-manufacturer/distributor entity gathering the statistical data needed? /S/Green Mtn Punter

Anonymous said...

I guess even with hunch bets, it helps to be the betting favorite

ljk said...

I've got an idea about Sightseeing's performance. The horse is just not very good.

Alan Mann said...

>>I've got an idea about Sightseeing's performance. The horse is just not very good.

Someone else told me that before the race and I didn't listen. Shug said he may try the grass, which tells me he just might be coming to the same conclusion.