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Monday, September 25, 2006

Godolphin No Phun

- Discreet Cat vs. Bernardini unlikely to happen reads the headline on the Form's website. Of Discreet Cat, Godolphin guy Rick Mettee said: "His getting sick screwed up everything.

"He would have gone Dwyer, he would have run in a couple of those big summertime races. We would have had a completely different agenda. You might have even seen him in against older horses in one of those races. We have to do the right thing now by him. It might not be a popular thing, but the right move for him right now is the Jerome Oct. 1. That is the right move regardless of where we go the next race." [DRF]
Don't know if I'm buying that stuff about what kind of campaign he would have had, are you? In any event, if Discreet Cat had stayed healthy and had "gone Dwyer" and Travers and whatever else, it's altogether possible that it would instead be Bernardini who was heading to the Jerome and the Cigar.


Anonymous said...

That's an intriguing point.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mettee, there's still time to "Go Classic"