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Monday, September 18, 2006

Senate All Mixed Up

- is reporting that due to a clerical error, the wrong version of the bill recently passed by the House that would ban horse slaughter has been sent to the Senate. ..A House clerk apparently delivered an amended version of the bill that would have allowed existing slaughter plants to remain open.

In addition, Left at the Gate has learned exclusively that the bill became mixed up with a different measure currently being debated in the Senate. The erroneous bill would allow for terrorism suspects to be shipped to the slaughterhouses, while horses would be sent to secret CIA detention centers where they would be subjected to aggressive interrogation techniques such as being verbally abused by particularly obnoxious degenerates from Aqueduct, and being forced to watch the film "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

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Rob said...

And Can't Wait for the Inner Track can further reveal that there is in fact one of these CIA detention centers, or 'black sites', at the location formerly known as the second-floor grandstand at the Big A. This whole NYRA/MGM/Lottery slots spat is nothing more than a ruse to cover up what is really going on there.