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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Math Lesson

- Getting back to Deep Impact's mile and a half workout, and the discrepancy between the reported distance that he reportedly finished up in 21 seconds, Walter was right, it ain't much.

Did you know that you can use Google as a calculator? You can type in any mathmatical formula, hit search, and it spits out the answer. For example, type in 45 x 648 / 21.3759, and you get 1,364.15309. Pretty cool, eh?

Similarly, if you type in 400 meters = ? feet, you get 1,312.33596 feet. And if you enter 1/4 mile = ? feet, you get 1,320 feet. So you're only talking about a difference here of 7.66404 feet. So whichever way you measure it, Deep Impact came home pretty damn fast.


Anonymous said...

Walter, are you out there? What do you think of Partywithlarryz in the 4th at fairplex today. He is even money on the morning line. Have you heard anything on any of the other runners? byanose

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Partywithlarryz was entered today (i don't look @ Fairplex). And I'm a bit surprised he'd be listed at even-money after that flame job in his debut, where he broke sideways and finished off the board. My clocker takes Fairplex off as well, so i couldn't tell you how he's been training. All i know is that he has keen early speed (assuming he breaks okay this time), and that tends to play pretty well @ Fairplex. Ward does pretty well with comebackers as well, though it's safe to assume that something happened in his debut run, live as he was, and then disappearing until now. Without looking at his competition, i'd need a price signifigantly higher than even-money to justify a play. I certainly be watching the race though (out of sheer curiosity), so thanks a lot for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Well, 3rd at 2-5 odds. Before the race they said he was gelded after the last Santa Anita race. Perhaps he has some growing up to do. No problem about the heads-up. Glad I only used him in pick 3's. Byanose

Anonymous said...

Babcock Lake and Future Search entered in the 12th Race Sunday at Fairplex. Have a great weekend. Byanose