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Sunday, September 03, 2006

News and Notes - Sept 2

- That was quite a disappointing effort by Brother Derek at Del Mar on Saturday. Especially to anyone who had him at 2-5. 2-5! Nick had Cindago and he wrote of the beaten favorite: route speed and a heavy headed horses are going to get hung out to dry in a mile and he did. This was confirmed by the chart caller, who wrote that he tugged his rider along three deep on the first turn. In truth, it looked like he was closer to being four wide. And he had a similar problem in the Derby and Preakness, not being quite fast enough to get a lead, and getting hung out wide on the turn. It's almost like he's a speed horse who's not that speedy; at least in the first half mile.

You have to feel for Dan Hendricks, whose fall from grace with this horse has come rather quickly, and you know a trainer is searching for answers when he gives the standard line of "We're going to scope him to see if there's any blood." [Bloodhorse] (I imagine we'll be hearing that about Flower Alley too.)

It was quite an eventful stretch run for Bob and John. He first bore in, and actually gave Cindago a nice little bump. I suppose it was no big deal, but I wonder if there would have been a look-see by the stewards had Baffert's horses won. Espinoza hit him right-handed just before the bump. After he straightened out, he continued with the right hand with no ill effect. But he still trailed, so Espinoza went to the left hand, and that's when he bore out. I disagree that it cost him the race. I don't think he would have caught Cindago anyway; he was behind when he bore out, and I don't see him gaining at the end when I watch the replay.

Nick had to be thinking he was a loser at the top of the stretch; I was thinking that we were finally going to see the Bob and John I thought we'd see on Derby day, when I had him. Cindago was making his first start since the day after Xmas, and went from maiden winner to stakes winner.

- Check this out: Showing Up is going to take on older horses in the mile and three eights Grade 1 Man O'War at Belmont next Saturday. Among those pointing to the race are Cacique, Cosmonaut, Go Deputy, Musketier, Ramazutti, and Relaxed Gesture. Silver Whistle and Sky Conqueror are possible. [Daily Racing Form]

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Anonymous said...

Dan Hendricks should be proud of what he did with this horse. I really mean that. He is what he is. And Hendricks got all he could out of him. He's got one running style horse. He wants the front, really doesnt have the speed to always get it, especially in the mile or less category races. He is still superior to the other three year olds that came out of Cal this year, Point Determined, Bob and John, etc have done nothing to change my mind about that. I did think I was beat at the head of the lane with Cindago, but Bob and John's grinding style saved my bacon. I had a very good weekend with three very nice winners, and actually used three different types of handicapping to do it.Friday, 9th at Sar, Inca is calling, 15.00, was the result of trip handicapping, the horse was full of run and no place to go in his previous start. That was my eyes, not some chart comments. Cindago, 10.80 straight up old fashioned breaking down the race and how it would unfold and be run in my head. Short fields make this much more reliable. And in the 8th Sunday at Sar, Rock Lobster, 19.00, that was a figure horse, speed figured him and he was in a 46% win bracket on the numbers. I have to admit racing luck played a huge part in this horse getting home, that and the skill and heart of Eibar Coa, he was in a mess of trouble leaving the turn and at the top of the stretch, it looked like he even clipped heels with the horse in front of him but Coa got him out and up. I bring all this up because races point up different approaches. Some guys "speed handicap", some guys "class handicap", I've never been successful approaching each race in the same manner. Some things just stand out more than others, thats the way I go. NIck