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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As Expected...

- Highland Cat was bumped coming out of the gate according to the race chart, but was clearly outclassed regardless in a field that was just plain too tough. He did beat one horse. As I correctly surmised (and if I was at good at picking winners as I am at predicting odds.....) the Servis entry was favored. But the Moss Pace Figures did correctly indicate that Mend was the speed of the speed, and 8-1 was a pretty nice price I must say.

As for our favorite grey gelding, I'm hoping that he doesn't get discouraged by the race. Perhaps one more dirt race, and we can finally get him back on the green promised land of the turf course.

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t said...

it's frustrating to watch when you've got a horse in a race you just don't think they have a chance in. I've been in that position a bunch of times with horses in partnerships. at least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

we have the same problem with turf in NorCal, but we have it twice per year. For months over the winter it's too wet to run on the grass, and they don't even card grass races. Then, over the summer you've got the fair meets with no turf. it helps since Santa Rosa put a turf course in, but there's still ~june 12th thru ~July 28th with no turf, even though it's some of the best weather here.