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Sunday, March 04, 2007


- A correction and a couple of further comments pursuant to my last post. There are actually nine, not eight weeks left until the Derby. If this was, say, 1987 instead of 2007, it wouldn't be at all outrageous to suggest that Nobiz race three weeks hence, and another three weeks after that, which would leave another three weeks until the Derby. Now I guess that would be considered unreasonable, even though the horse needs the experience. But it's also possible that it wouldn't matter, and that the colt just needs time to mature, like Corinthian has now at age four.

I also just wanted to note the nice race by Adore the Gold, as mentioned by Walter and others in the comments. And regarding Stormello, I mentioned that he was tired and the slow closing fractions without emphasizing just how incredibly game this colt was, has he has been throughout his career. Walter mentioned how he similarly dug in to beat Liquidity in the Hollywood Futurity, and I'll add his gritty win over Principle Secret in the Norfolk. The latter was an effort similar to Saturday's except for the fact that he didn't win, as he set a fast pace and held on grimly despite being obviously weary. Here's an extremely game colt who has certainly earned my respect; I wrote earlier in the week of his chances that I don't think he has much of a shot, which might have helped his cause! I certainly didn't change that opinion when I read of his long plane trip to Florida. But you gotta love the way he presses on until the end. He reminds me a bit of Lava Man in that regard.

Now that I've presented segues into Saturday's efforts by Corinthian and Lava Man, I'll get to that shortly. But first, I'm alone in the house, and probably shouldn't write this in public; but there's this old stray cable in the Head Chef's daughter's room left over from the last owner. So when she's not here, I can sneak in and watch Gulfstream and Santa Anita on the OTB channel. So I'll be back after I make some (more) donations.

- But one more thing, as Case just pointed out, nine-year old Evening Attire took the Stymie Handicap at the Big A on Saturday. Track announcer John Imbriale, who must at times have wondered why he came out of retirement for what has been a mostly dismal winter racing season here, was seemingly the only person at the track who was excited about this turn of events. The winning dash home by the venerable son of Black Tie Affiar, making his 53rd career start, was greeted by stony silence, at least where I was. Not one person had him. Somebody must have because he was only 8-1, but perhaps they were at Lien Games in North Dakota or someplace like that.


Walter said...

Looks like somebody stole my thunder. I was going to comment that BOTH of the horses who finished in front of Nobiz Like Shobiz were coming out of the Juvenile. It doesn't look like their progress has compromised any, now does it? I'd love to stick a microphone in Tagg's face and ask him about that one. Why these trainers think that skiping the Juvenile is somehow going to enhance their colt's Derby chances is completely beyond me. PARTICULARLY last year, when the Juvenile was held at Churchill. Not only would that've given Nobiz Like Shobiz a race over the Derby surface, it would've given him a look at the same of enormous crowd that he can expect on Derby Day. I think Tagg showed terrible judgement in passing on that race.

Walter said...

Btw, from now on i'm going to start proof-reading my posts.