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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Beyers

Cobalt Blue 96
Curlin 97
Street Sense / Any Given Saturday 101
Song of Navarone 102

And on the distaff side ...

Cottom Blossom 82
Sweet Fervor 102
Not too fast for the TP Derby, so perhaps any worries about the colts bouncing are overblown? And doesn't Song of Navarone's race further flatter Ravel and Liquidity?


Anonymous said...

Surprised by the figs, may have to look into this Song of Navarone a little.

How does that race get a higher figure than the others, were the Graded races that slow?

Walter said...

There were obvious timer problems @ Sunland yesterday. Perhaps not in the WinStar Derby, but definitely in the WinStar Oaks. Here are the official times from Sunland's three stakes races yesterday, which happened to be run in succession (Races 7/8/9):

22.83, 46.20, 111.54, 137.37

23.33, 47.46, 114.27, 139.47, 145.18

22.50, 47.26, 111.63, 136.89, 149.53

The WinStar Oaks is in the middle, the WinStar Derby follows. Look at the half-mile splits, which are virtually identical. Then look at the six-furlong splits. After hitting the half-mile in roughly equal time, it somehow took the Oaks leader an extra 2.44 seconds (roughly 15 lengths) to run the next quarter mile? Gimme a break. And then, after losing 2.44 seconds in the span of a quarter-mile, she was somehow able to match them in the next quarter-mile (25.20 to 25.26)? Again, gimme a break. Finally, look at her closing fraction. We're supposed to believe she got her final sixteenth in 5.71 seconds? That's impossible for a two-turn race on dirt, particularly if you're slow enough to run a mile in 139.47. So obviously, the time for the WinStar Oaks is a complete farce (at least after the first half-mile). I was concerned that this would result in an extraordinarily low (and incorrect) Beyer figure for Tough Tiz's Sis. Now, it looks as if it has affected Song of Navarone's Beyer as well. Because the surface variant has apparently been thrown out of whack by the faulty time in the Oaks. And if the timer was wrong for that one (which it definitely was), how do we know it was accurate for the WinStar Derby just a half-hour later? I've sent e-mails to DRF and Bloodhorse, but who knows if this'll ever get fixed.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the Oaks, there were four fillies moving toward the lead from the half mile to 3-4 pole, some were all out at that point to keep up, so no way they went that slow.

The five furlong posted time was 104.95, which then remained posted as the 3/4 time also so there was an obvious malfunction.

That said, Tiz's Sis was very impressive, as was Song of Navarone, over a more accomplished field than the allowance colts beaten by Cobalt Blue in the G2.

alan said...

Tough Tiz's Sis got a 79.