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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Numb and Dumber

- OK, I kinda stole that headline from the NY Post this morning, but the fact is that my brain feels as numb as Jaromir Jagr's leg, and I feel dumber for thinking and writing that Circular Quay's prior effort was overrated and that he wouldn't win the Louisiana Derby. I for one forgot to turn my clock ahead last night (did you remember?), so when I peered at the clock from my bed this morning at 9:30 and then realized it was really 10:30 and that I had a Rangers game at the Garden to go to that starts at 12:30 (for the 27 people who watch hockey on NBC), but which is really like 11:30 brain and body time....

Haskin's little fantasy of Pletcher winning every remaining Derby prep is off to a rousing start. Maybe they should just run the Derby in the guy's backyard this year. Anyway, I'm off to the game, so have a great racing day and please check in again later.


Lenny said...

Had Larry Melancon not blown the ride on Ketchican Circular Quay would have been running for second place money. Why did Melancon decide he needed to take the lead so early in the race? He was sitting in third in the garden spot, but inexplicably decided to blow by the leaders and use up the horse before a quarter mile was run. The chart shows that he was out in front all the way around but if you watched it he clearly could have sat in third and rated, which is what he had done in his two wins, then kicked home in the stretch. This bad ride was especially frustrating for me as I was playing in the Laurel Champions Tournament and went all in on Ketchican in an attempt to move into the top 10. Had he won I would have been less then $100 from the tenth spot with two races to go. Instead I get a horrible ride and walk home with nothing.


Steve D said...

I completely agree with you. You got a brutal ride on Ketchican. And it was not a circumstantial bad trip (i.e., he broke from the 11-hole or got bumped by another or something). It was a shit ride, plain and simple.

I "played" the Laurel tournament from Chicago with a buddy from Columbia, MD as my partner. We finished with a duck, too. We got screwed when our "bankroll bet" early in the day scratched: We were on the #1, Gunfight, in the 2nd at Fair Grounds, who we thought would lead through a soft pace and couldn't lose. He scratched, and the 4 set 25 and 50 fractions on the way to victory. Our horse would have had the same trip. Brutal. Instead, we blew a bunch of the bank on the 3rd at Fairgrounds and dropped the rest in the Muniz, on Sweet Return, who we thought might make an uncontested lead. A pretty terrible day for us.

Jim L said...

All I know is that I wrote in a comment post a few weeks ago that Einstein needed a new jock and he would win. So, he gets Albarado in the half million dollar turf race at FG and................wins easily.

My mental clock was set behind, not ahead, because I didn't have a dime on him.

He'll show up in the Sword Dancer or the Arlington Million.