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Monday, March 19, 2007

Discreet Cat Ready

- Just when I was wondering when, or if, Discreet Cat was going to have workout, Discreet Cat had a workout, going a mile in 1:38 on Saturday.

Simon Crisford, the Godolphin racing manager, commented: "Discreet Cat went super this afternoon. It was a nice solid bit of work which will put him spot on for the Dubai World Cup.

"He picked up in the last quarter of a mile and went several lengths ahead at the finish," he said. [Khaleej Times Online]
John Kimmel and Kent Desormeaux flew to Saudi Arabia for the final tuneup for Pleasant Tap Premium Tap (I knew I was going to do that one of these days....don't worry, going away this weekend and I need the break), estimated at six furlongs in around 1:15. That is a damn long way to travel for a minute and fifteen second workout. “He worked very well and everything seems to be on target....He looks good, his weight is great and his soundness is very good,” Kimmel reported. [Dubai Racing Club Blog]

Lava Man worked his way to a trip to Dubai, where he'll run on the grass in the Duty Free. That definitely adds even more panache to what should be an amazing morning of racing, as strange as it all may seem. It will seem that way to me; bizarre even, that one of the more monumental confrontations that any of us have seen in some time, will take place on, for us, a Saturday morning in March, in a distant foreign land, in front of people who don't bet. It doesn't seem quite fair, does it?


Handride said...

All these horses do trace back to theirs, so it seems a little fair. Plus they don't allow drugs, have a safe non biased surface, are willing to pay for the best everything and are putting their top 2 against each other for the sport of it. We could learn a lot (of course they don't have to deal w/ unions and human rights so it's give a little take a little ;)

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely amazing that PLEASANT TAP is running in this thing. For one, it's a heck of a layoff. They should have found a minor stakes race or something before just training him up to the DWC off a 15 year layoff. If he hits the board, I'd be shocked!

alan said...

>>I find it absolutely amazing that PLEASANT TAP is running in this thing.

Way to rub it in.

Anonymous said...

Actually bro, I'm pretty sure his name is now ALLAM. Bin Laden got to him and he's now part of Al Qaeda stable. I hope they frisk him carefully before allowing entry into Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Saturday we shall all witness a contest of two heavyweighs bigger than Foreman and Ali, a contest quicker than Senna and Prost, a contest between two teams bigger than Chelsea and Man U, a contest with more family values involved than the Cosby's. In the red corner the current Breeders Cup Champion and number one champion of the wooooooooorld sheik Hamdans Invaaaaaaaaaasoooor. And in the boys in blues corner the great, the invincible, the best thing since Dubai Millenium, the undefeated Dis - creet Cat.

Ok first of all let me stress that i am a Godolphin fan, and have been since Kayf Tara, Dubai Millenium and Fantastic Light. Dubai Millenium in my opinion could have been pronounced the greatest flat horse of all time but unfortunately sheik mohammeds love was sadly lost. Discreet cat to me is even better, this horse wins group one races running on three legs and although the standard of opposition in America hasn't been great the times this super horse has been clocking is quite frightning.
Last year i witnessed the Cat demolish his challenger (Inavasor) at a canter in the Sheema Classic.

Now all the reports are that Invasor is stronger, quicker and more experienced after defeating Bernardini in the Breeders cup. The fact that the distance of a mile and 2 will also play in his favour, this and that, that and this blah blah........WELL i am nothing but a mere civil servant who has followed flat racing for the last five years co what would i know!!!!

Are we forgetting Mr Dettori's comments after his ride in last years Sheema, "Discreet Cat is very quick, but he is still very weak"
This year the cat has returned from the states undefeated and in his 6 race career is yet to be challenged by any horse.
I get paid tomorrow and out of the £1115 i earn per month 1110 will be put down on the 6/5 favourite and i know i will be kicking myself at the end of the race as to why i didnt put on the extra five to pay for an extra weeks electric. Invasor is a very good horse who desrves all the credit he is receiving after beating Bernardini in a exciting Breeders Cup. But the Cat is simply not a mere race horse, this my fellow horse lovers is a unicorn sent from God. It's a shame because i would have loved to have seen the cat come to england last year and beat our rivals with George Washington in the guiness. I was particulary upset with Godolphin for not taking their chances in the Breeders Cup Classic, where he would have had no need to prove himself for the second year running in Dubai. Don't say i din't tell you to put your house on this horse, if i owned mine i would.



thank you