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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Difference of Opinion

- We seem to have a difference of opinion between the Daily Racing Form's national handicapper and the morning oddsmaker for Pool 2 of the Derby futures. Nobiz Like Shobiz is quoted at 15-1 by Churchill's Mike Battaglia, while Watchmaker has a different take: Nobiz Like Shobiz remained the Kentucky Derby favorite at 6-1 on Watchmaker's line, despite his loss in the Fountain of Youth.

I must say that I was surprised to see him listed quite as high as 15-1; but I'm equally surprised that Watchmaker still has him as the favorite. He belongs somewhere in between I think, exactly where I'm not sure. He's been presumed to have the most talent, yet he hasn't run the figs to validate that. He seems to have a long way to go mentally, and he has only one more race with which to get there. Tagg, who will try adding blinkers in the morning this week, said that he shies away from the crowd; if he does that at Gulfsream, what is he going to do with 140,000 people there? Maybe he'll run really fast to get away from them.


Walter said...

I just wanna know one thing. Who does Watchmaker have pictures of?

davidrex said...

PTI,but I forgot how to retrieve re-plays from out of state oa Cal Racing? thanz in advance

alan said...

David - After you go to and log in, just click on the 'Horse' tab up above, and enter the name of the horse you want to see. Races from Churchill-owned tracks and a few others that aren't available will be greyed out. Lemme know if you have any othe questions.