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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Notes - Oct 26

- As you know if you've been reading here, I'm of the opinion that the Breeders Cup hasn't done much for the sport in terms of helping it gain a foothold in the consciousness of the average American sports fan. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and today I'll be acquiring a new constant companion for the next ten days or so. But I think it's viewed strictly as an insider's gig, and I believe that the move to ESPN will only enhance that impression.

So I wanted to ask you guys and gals who may watch ESPN more than I do if you've noticed any of the big publicity that the network and the Breeders Cup folks promised when the deal was announced. I didn't notice anything during the baseball playoffs. Anything on Monday Night or college football?

- Another record about to fall to Todd Pletcher. When Roman Dynasty took the opening day Discovery at the Big A on Wednesday, he tied Wayne Lukas' mark of 53 graded stakes winners. It would be fitting if he breaks the mark with one of his ridiculous 18 entries on Breeders Cup day. Roman Dynasty (Theatrical) came from last to first to nip Frankel's 4-5 favorite On Board Again before a crowd of.... Well, I don't know, there's no attendance figure. Maybe NYRA is no longer giving them out.


Anonymous said...

I have seen zero pub during the major sports broadcasts, would like to see NTRA's explanation for this.

I have to admit the ESPN road to the cup coverage grew on me as the year progressed, but would expect more pub now that the road is in the stretch.

Does anyone know if there are any pre-cup specials planned, a la the lamentable post position draw or useless Breakfast At Churchill?

Regarding your prior post Alan, I dont care about conventional wisdom on Henny, in fact i love it, he will again be my single on the card along with Berny. A big parlay ticket may be in order.

Mr. Ed

Anonymous said...

You think the coverage is lacking there? Be thankful you aren't a Canadian. No TV outlet is even picking up the Breeders' Cup, so you will have to be a t a track to see it. That should be excellent for building public suport for racing.

Sometimes I hate that I love this sport so much.


t said...

What about the racing they were going to point everyone to a while back...that grII race at Monmouth during half time during Monday Night Football. Did that happen? How did it go? I wonder what the ratings were like.

Anonymous said...

You're right. There have been ZERO Breeders Cup commercials on ESPN, at least i haven't seen any. I'm sure we'll get some in the days leading up, but it doesn't appear they're wasting any more advertising space than NBC did. That's just the way it is, and i don't expect it to change. The Breeders Cup, for whatever reason, simply doesn't match up with the Triple Crown races as far as the public is concerned. Which is a damn shame, because the product is about a hundred times better. Incidentally, during the Breeders Cup Preview Day on ESPN recently, i noticed several ESPN sportscasters saying things like, "coming up next, the Breeders Cup." And, "we now return you to the Breeders Cup." Even the broadcasters for a major "sports only" network haven't a clue what's going on. Good Grief.

P.S - AS far as the broadcasts themselves, i think ESPN does a good job. Randy Moss and Jerry Bailey are very knowledgable, and i particularly like it when Bailey does a brief interview with the jockey immediately following the race. Who better to ask the right questions than Bailey? Kenny Mayne doesn't have much to offer, but at least he's likeable, and he's a Sportscenter crossover that the average sports fan will recognize. The one problem i have is with Hank Goldberg. Exactly what is this guy an authority on? Because it sure as hell ain't horseracing. And no, i don't care who he has in his Pick 4.

the rude sports pundit said...

I have seen next to nothing on ESPN, and I watch college football every Saturday. I think the sport is doomed to see a major contraction over the next ten years, and the people who run it seem to care less.

One thing they could do right off the bat, make parking and entry free and programs like a dollar, I believe they would more than make up in handle what they lose otherwise. After all, any idiot can wander into any casino and lose money, without being forced to pay for the right to do so.

Finally, an ad campaign that stresses how, for $18 or $20, you could make one bet on every race, or for $6 or $10, you could come over just for the late afternoon races, that would bring in a much younger crowd than I see out there these days...hopefully to become lifelong fans as they get older and wealthier...

Erin said...

Thank you Walter - I feel confort in knowing I am not alone in my dislike for Hank Goldberg. I curse loudly at the TV every time he opens his mouth. How ayone thinks he should be on TV at all is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

we always have espn on at work and i watch a good bit at home and have not seen one bc promo. hell, even nyra, nycotb and the meadowlands run tv and radio ads!

i agree on goldberg; he's the worst.