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Friday, January 26, 2007

BIG DQ, Nice Consolation

- Thanks to Ban Check for pointing us to Bob's "Notes On a Program," where it is revealed that one of Wednesday's Pick Six winners did indeed have Conveyor's Angel on his ticket. The DQ, about which Bob reports that the press box observers were divided, cost the bettor around $2 million, the difference between what would have been a $2.4 million windfall, and the $405,000 prize that has to be the biggest conso payoff of all time.

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Green Mtn Punter said...

Ouch! The Conveyor's Angel DQ in the Santa Anita Pick 6 must go down as the horseplayers bad beat of all time, or of recent history anyway?! This punter should receive "The Bad Beat" award at the DRF Horseplayer's Expo in Vegas in March, presented by Harvey Pack- who else?!, just to prove that everybody still has a sense of humor.