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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do-Over No Silver Lining for NYRA

- One might think that NYRA would welcome Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's suggestion to have a "do-over" for the franchise selection process considering that they finished third in the voting. But VP Bill Nader, noting that "everything expires at the end of the year," told the Saratogian that there's not enough time.

New contracts must be reached with a variety of parties such as employee unions, food-and-beverage concessionaires, simulcast and television operations. At the same time, NYRA must take care of the day-to-day duties of running its three racetracks.

"These are big, big tasks," Nader said. "If you wait too long it's going to be very difficult to do it properly. To negotiate all of these contracts in a way that's most efficient in running the business, with proper bidding, we've got to do this quickly."
A spokesperson for the persistent Capital Play Ltd said that they're ready to take over now; Excelsior expressed its usual confidence that the committee's recommendation will hold sway.

As for Empire, reporter Paul Post writes:
Empire Racing Associates agrees with Silver's assessment that integrity should have been given more weight under the ad hoc committee's scoring system.
Obviously, Empire would be happy if Silver's suggestion to start over became a reality. But do they really want ethics to be given more weight? Considering the suspicions surrounding Friends of New York's morphing into the group, as well as the deepening investigation into the relationship between Jared Abbruzzese and Senator Bruno, one might think that Empire would prefer that the writer rephrase that statement.

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Green Mtn Punter said...

What this racing fan really wants to hear from the successful bidder, assumed, of course, to have integrity, is that the primary goal of their business plan is to insure that NY racing regains it's unquestioned # 1 competitive position and prestige in the racing world. I see too much print about the KY Derby and Breeders Cup and not enough about the many more prestigious NY stakes races starting with the Belmont Stakes, the Handicap Triple Series, the Whitney Handicap, and Travers; NY has far and away the largest number of historic and prestigious Grade I stakes races anywhere but the media are largely unaware of it- all they know is the Ky Derby and Breeders Cup. The new NY franchisee must be a master marketeer, something which has been sorely lacking in NY racing for way too many years.