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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Denman Done?

- A couple of readers checked in on the subject of track announcers in the comments section, where I wondered why, given the fact that Tom Durkin's contract with NBC was cited as the reason why ESPN needed to replace him with Trevor Denman for the Breeders Cup telecast, Denman would be permitted to call today's Sunshine Millions races for NBC. Perhaps he has an out in his ESPN deal, as one reader speculated; or maybe the fact that this is a Magna gig being televised from a Magna track at which Denman is an employee trumps any other commitments.

Or maybe there's something else. I'm told by an informed source that the word on the street says that Denman is already out as ESPN's voice of the Breeders Cup anyway, due to his shaky performance and other disagreements with the network.

- Tom Precious reports on that NYRA lost in excess of $7 million in December.

The red ink experienced by NYRA in December is nothing new. Typically, the racing group loses between $5 million-$6 million during most Decembers. This year, though, NYRA reported an additional $1 million in expenses due to its bankruptcy reorganization efforts. NYRA chief operating officer Bill Nader said those costs involved payments to bankruptcy lawyers, accountants, and the creditor’s committee NYRA must fund.


Jim L said...

Did you notice the increased inflection in Durkin's calls on Saturday?

He was his masterful self.

Tom's voice was "moving like a winner."

Tote Board Brad said...

He was better than when he calls a Wednesday card at The Big A, but it's hard to get that taste out of your mouth. Even on his best day, Tom is no Trevor. Jim and Alan may disagree with me, but it's a difference of opinion that makes parimutuel wagering work.

alan said...

Brad - Please let me remind you that I was all for Denman doing the BC; I said it was time for a change, and that Denman was the man. He had a bad day for whatever reason, and I don't really think any less of him now. Unfortunately, his bad day came at a bad time, and I wouldn't be surprised if this little rumor is true.

As far as Durkin vs. Denman, I don't really compare the two because they're so different in style. I agree that Durkin has become....what did you call it, a technician? Almost all of them do after a while. I like both of them and I'll leave it at that.