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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ho Hum

- I find the Eclipse Awards to be about as suspenseful as an episode of the Honeymooners, and that's the way it should be. The championships were earned on the racetrack, and I don't think that anyone other than the loonies posting on the Barbaro message board can really have too much of a problem with any of the winners. Do you?

Just two questions for anyone who watched the ceremonies on TVG: 1) Who exactly is Jerry O'Connell?; and 2) Did Anthony Sciamatta Jr. come up to accept the award for Pletcher?


Jim L said...


Jerry O'Connell was the "fat kid" in "Stand By Me," a movie which starred River Phoenix. O'Connell also played the part of a star quarterback in "Jerry Maguire" (you know, Joe Bruno's "Show Me The Money!!!!!!").

Speaking of Pletcher, how come his Web site has his name plastered all over it with the horses who have been running in the names of the other trainers? The owners can still access it, presumably in the private, proprietary sections, but shouldn't a trainer's name, one who is on suspension, be stripped from the entire site? In fact, how can the URL have Pletcher in it, if he is not to have any contact?

Having Pletcher win an Eclipse while on suspension, having him retain one in the year he was found to be positive, is not sending a good message to the day-in and day-out fan. And for the small fry trainer, this surely cannot send a good message.

And why can't TVG stream live the Eclipse awards for the benefit of as many fans as possible? Their free site has been offering only Philly Park for free on the live stream front.

El Angelo said...

The Eclipse Awards are generally a snoozer, but two interesting awards were given last night, I thought:

(a) Darley getting a share of the owner Eclipse when the Jacksons were an easy out to not vote for the Manchester United of Racing (or would they be Chelsea?).

(b) Wait a While over Pine Island, a rare showing of an award that normally dirt horses get going to a grass horse. She did deserve it though, much like Xtra Heat deserved it in 2001.