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Friday, January 26, 2007

Millions on NBC

- Tomorrow's Sunshine Millions will be carried on NBC from 4 until 6 PM. Gulfstream's track announcer Larry Collmus, doing a nice job in his first year there, must be none too pleased that NBC is bringing Tom Durkin in to call the races. Interestingly, Durkin will go head-to-head with Trevor Denman, the man who replaced him as the voice of the Breeders Cup; Denman will call the Santa Anita portion of the program. One can't help but think that Durkin will view it as an opportunity to show ESPN that they made a mistake, especially given Denman's unusually erratic performance in his Breeders Cup debut.

Street Sense, the Juvenile winner whose move was completely missed by Denman (and who will not, in my opinion, win the Derby this year), has been assigned 127 pounds in the hypothetical Experimental Free Handicap. Those who look to the old "dual qualifier" system of determining the Derby winner (dosage under 4.0 and weighted within ten pounds of the Experimental highweight) shouldn't expect any help, at least at this particular moment, as the list contains most or all of those presently considered contenders (as well as some who are not):

There are 14 dual qualifiers this year among colts and geldings, a relatively high number compared with recent years. They are (with weight and Dosage Index): Street Sense (127, 2.14), Scat Daddy (123, 2.47), Circular Quay (122, 2.08), Great Hunter (122, 3.00), Nobiz Like Shobiz (122, 1.44), Stormello (121, 2.67), Tiz Wonderful (120, 2.11), Any Given Saturday (119, 2.67), Horse Greeley (119, 3.0), Liquidity (119. 1.86), Pegasus Wind (119, 4.00), King of the Roxy (118, 3.00), Belgravia (117, 3.36) and Roman Commander (117, 1.50). [Louisville Courier Journal]


Anonymous said...

On Street Sense: I whole-heartedly agree. Smart riding more than anything won the Juvenile. Personally, I thought Circular Quay's run was much more impressive.

t said...

I don't know why they want Durkin to call the millions races. Colmus is a perfectly competent caller, and Durkin is so effing boring. His calls are reasonable accurate, but he's a disinterested technician and it really stands out in compare to the poetry that are Denman's calls.

If anything, I'm sure hearing Durkin head to head with Denman will make the ESPN crowd realize what a favor they've done everone.

Anonymous said...

Is this the world record DQ??

Ban Check

Anonymous said...

They should let Collmus call them. He is the most accurate guy in the business these days.

P.S. ESPN wanted Durkin for the Breeders' Cup but NBC would not let him do it. Thus Trevor.

Alan Mann said...

>>P.S. ESPN wanted Durkin for the Breeders' Cup but NBC would not let him do it. Thus Trevor.

Then why is ESPN letting NBC use Denman?

Anonymous said...

Durkin is signed to a contract with NBC; that is why he is calling the Sunshine Millions from GP. Collmus is the GP announcer, so he will call as usual.

Denman is contracted by both Santa Anita (read: Magna) and ESPN.

Denman must have an out in his contract and in the grand scheme of things, the Sunshine Millions is small potatoes compared to the BC. That is why he can call both.

Denman was substandard for the BC. It was also too bad the simulcast feed was yanked from the online wagering site I usually watch. Luke K. does a good job from that track.

What needs to go are Battaglia (Gaining Ground) and Bob Neuhmeir. They are just not that good. Kenny Rice is too damn serious. Jerry Bailey once told him, "Man, you've got to relax," as they went to Rice who was to interview Bailey.

The ideal team would be Bailey and Randy Moss. Donna Brothers does not add much when she is on. Jeanine Edwards is a very good interviewer.

Kenny Mayne should not be allowed to host. He ruins the shows.