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Sunday, February 08, 2009

XOXO Jockeys

I recorded Jockeys for the Head Chef, figuring that I'd let her write a review for the blog. I was too busy watching the Rangers get humiliated 10-2 to bother...and besides, I have this thing against watching anything that smacks of reality TV. Well, OK, I admit, she has me just a little bit hooked on Top Chef (and I'm rooting for the abrasive Stefan).

However, there will be no review. She liked Jockeys too much, and says she's embarrassed at the idea of being too effusive. "I wouldn't be able to be snarky," she explained. Just goes to illustrate my point that she's never happy unless she criticizing something. "I'm addicted," she's already declared. "Just as good as Gossip Girl." (Yes, that's considered to be a good thing around here. I give her a pass on that only because she's a good friend of the cinematographer.) "Gripping," she adds, though I'm not sure if that pertained to the show itself, or to her description of Chantal Sutherland's hands as "mitts."

The Head Chef couldn't see at first what Ms. Sutherland saw in Mike Smith, who's not as cute, she says, as Aaron Gryder, who she admitted to always having had a "little" crush on. Which got me thinking, how is it that she even knew who Aaron Gryder was? Is there a little history there? Hmmm. But Smith grew on her over the two episodes, she thinks he's a nice guy, so there you go.

The show raised her concerns about the jockeys' safety, which, of course, is obviously part of the marketing angle, a little violence along with the unseen sex. Win or Die Trying is the subtitle of the show, and the Head Chef reported explicit scenes of tumbling thoroughbreds. She was also taken aback at what she deemed to be the mere pittance of mount fees paid to the riders of unplaced horses, and wondered how the less successful riders eek out a living. "The next time I'm at the track, I want to go and give them all a big hug," she said. Hopefully, that won't be caught on film for the next season. XOXO.


Wendy said...

i unabashadly concur with the head chef's review... it must be a girl thing.

Anonymous said...

Tis true, wendylu, we colts/horses/horses' asses can never figure out what you fillies/mares/old gray mares will go for. That's what makes it all a barrel of this "Jockeys" the one that the new glossy society mag has been pitching? Who is the director/ producer? The Clanceys? Where available?....if you and the Head Chef have Netflix, I think you two would love Chef!, a Brit telly send up on snobby French chefs everywhere. Perhaps you've seen it? /s/greenmtnpunter

Anonymous said...

Wendyu on Alan's blog? Nice.

Anonymous said...

I have not decided yet whethar Jockeys will help or hurt the game.

Repeating bad spills over and over and over agains just can not be good publicity, which perhaps is why the show completely lacked any industry advertising.

But, even as a colt that hates reality tv, i had to admit I was hurrying back to the living room so I would not miss the next scene.

It even made Saturday's SA card interesting despite having no action, watching Mike and Chantal battle it our for the place in the Stub was, well, interesting is the best I can muster.

Erin said...

Interesting tv and that can only help - although the number of times they show horses tumbling is really ridiculous. Someone unfamiliar with racing might think horses falling happens once per card. Really, must've been shown a falling horse 15-20 times over the one-hour double header.