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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Decision in NY Getting Close

- Reader Green Mtn Punter wrote in the comments section the other day:

I am more than ever interested to see the Ad Hoc Committee recommendation; perhaps the AHC will persuade me to stop worrying about Empire because I have yet to receive any reassurance from Empire or it's allies.
According to Tom Precious, reporting on, we'll learn some details about the NY racing bids today at a meeting of the committee that is termed as a crucial one that will likely include a public discussion of the specific proposals made by the bidders.

In fact, Precious reports that two of his sources said to expect a final vote on the recommendation today. And though we've all been assuming that the final decision will not be made until Eliot Spitzer takes office next year, the article goes on to report:
However, there have been various theories running rampant in recent weeks at the state Capitol how the racing franchise could still somehow appear in a last-minute session by lawmakers if they return to Albany before the end of the year.
With Empire having taken on Democrats, including some with ties to Spitzer, we could speculate that the outgoing governor could provide a last minute surprise. But the situation at this point seems too complex to even guess about, and we'll just wait with baited breath to see what happens today.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the person is worried about Empire Racing running things. +I hope, and pray, and even beg that NYRA gets the boot. I mean they filed chapter 11. Not sure how much worse it could get.

Anonymous said...

Well, Excelsior pulled the biggest upset of all time. NYRA a dismal third. Cant wait to see how they calculated these figures.

I posted that I was rooting for Excelsior, solely due the fact that I have become disgusted with Empire's attitude and seemingly daily announcement of some politician or racing enterprise joining the group.

With all these people with their hands out, how in the world would they ever have any money left for horsemem?

That stated, the devil is in the details, and since Excelsior has never really disclosed any details of their bid the industry will be waiting with baited breath for the details.

The fact that Stronarch is shut out of NY racing again makes me smile.