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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wet and Broke

- David Grening in the Form reports that the main track at Aqueduct needs repairs that NYRA can't afford.

"Without that [slot] revenue stream here, we are in Chapter 11 protection, and he's [track superintendent John Passero] talking about overhauling the track," [Bill] Nader said. "Right now, it's up to him and his staff to really keep the track in the best possible condition and hope we don't get hit with 3 1/2 inches of rain."
Think things are gettin a little tense there? Racing was cancelled on Thursday after a day-long rain the day before that caused problems that Passero attributed to the cushion, and that would cost $3 million to replace. Perhaps the state can give it to them out of the $9 million they got from Yonkers for being serial polluters.

The racing at Old Hilltop, which was supposed to start on Nov 4, and then Nov 11; but a check of the USTA website shows only a 4 horse qualifer scheduled for Friday. Perhaps that's a dry run in preparation to finally resume the racing that is required by law.

Jerry Bossert of the NY Daily News says that NYRA needs money for a new roof at the Big A too. There were more garbage cans collecting water than there were fans at the track. For the record, that would mean that there were at least 1,239 garbage cans.


Anonymous said...

Would you care to weigh in on the brouhaha about Darley/ Goldolphin pulling their advertising from the DRF presumably over Beyer's article, and on the disappearance of Steve Haskin's commentary from the Bloodhorse on the same subject? There has been lots of heated discussion on the forums about it. I'm curious to hear your take on it.

Superfecta said...

Ah, good old NYRA. I think I applied for a job with them some years back and never heard a thing. No surprise there.

As for the whole Maktoum debate, I've posted a bit about that today and I'm also curious to see what others outside the official channels think.