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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Issue 3 Goes Down

- Voters in Ohio rejected Issue 3, the ballot measure that would have brought slots to racetracks and stand-alone issues. The defeat comes despite a huge financial advantage for supporters, who spent an estimated $20 million in advertising on the failed measure. But all the money couldn't overcome a "fairly strong elite consensus," as newspaper editorials, and religious and elected officials came out broadly against the measure. Referendum sponsor Learn and Earn hurt itself with strong-arm tactics, and ads and revenue projections that were considered to be deceptive. Senator George Voinovich led the politicians' drive against the slots.

"For many months, my wife and I and our many friends have prayed that the Holy Spirit would enlighten Ohioans to see through the slots proposal," Voinovich said in a written statement. "Tonight our prayers were answered." [Cleveland Plain Dealer]
Not many other Republicans can say that this morning.


Michael said...

What would this have done to Turfway Park, just across the river from Ohio -- it would have either helped force slots in KY or killed the track.... right?

Alan Mann said...

I imagine this defeat will hurt the cause in KY if it lessens the threat.

Michael said...

I think so. It also helps that the Keeneland folks have been pretty much against the slots issue too. Ellis Park would have been hurt too, and there was a story in the C-J about two or three weeks ago that said that some low lever claimers could get pulled away from Churchill too, if purses were high enough.

It seems like everyone back home sighed a collective sigh of relief.

Also, the Ky legislature has a short year coming up... so it won't likely be an issue again until 2008.