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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Haskin Decision Explained

Thanks to Bloodhorse Editor-in-Chief Ray Paulick, who explained that the decision to pull Steve Haskin's article was his, and strictly an editorial decision.

There was no pressure or contact from anyone to remove or edit the piece. Again, the decision was solely mine, and I discussed the matter with Steve.

With the exception of an occasional Final Turn, which is labeled an opinion piece, Steve was not hired to write editorial commentaries on industry issues. The Blood-Horse and are not blogs or vehicles for personal commentaries appearing in articles meant to convey news and information. This article was billed as a Breeders' Cup wrapup but clearly was written as a commentary; it should not have been posted as written. I'll take the blame for that.
The full text of Mr. Paulick's post can be found here. And here. And here.

Editors must really hate that Google cache feature.